“Put Yourself On Your Feet” [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series - Ephesians sub-series - # 6:10-18 – verse 14A] [and Sun Tzu series]

Pónganse (put yourself) is Spanish section’s opening line;
A part of way they say, “Stand up” – en pie (on foot) refines;
So put yourself up on your feet; stand up to what’s afoot
(Those types of evil’s whirling ’round, at which we took a look).

That says to me we have a role in warfare of the age –
Not flesh and blood but spirit-world – those attitudes engage;
One online preacher hammered this – “Stand up to this, then this…”
Engaging his society with disapproving hiss.

But not so Paul – this passage says, “Stand up, put armor on” –
Don’t rush in there quite unprepared to fix a world gone wrong;
Why, even Christ was not that nuts, built steadily His Way,
Inviting us to join Him, as through Paul He has His say.

But “Put yourself up on your feet” – for you it’s just begun;
But in the larger scene of things, celestial warfare runs
A longer course, like TV says, “We join a movie that
Already is in progress” – (settle back – it’s second act).

We’re like the reinforcements – guys refreshing soldier lines –
“Get on your feet”, you’re going to war – right where you are is fine;
All soldiers get some training ’fore their sent up to the front –
Guerrilla warfare’s more the case of what we now confront.


But still we need the training, though on the Kingdom-layer;
We find ourselves enraptured with glory present there;
We need to grow as people, mature into our roles
As body-parts of Jesus, ’fore war exacts its toll.

Then one day comes the calling – “Put yourself on your feet”;
You’re going into training, then enemy you’ll meet;
But long before the training, it’s mobilizing day –
“Stand up, stand up in Jesus” – put self on feet’s the way.

póngansese’s reflexive – do something to yourself –
Do what? Why put (that’s poner , like put it on the shelf);
But here it is reflexive, put self upon your feet,
Then other aspects follow – prepare to warfare meet.

Lord, that’s a helpful insight, which links me to Sun Tzu
Reflected on in poems, the ones You had me do;
For truth is first dimension Paul raises in his words;
And that applies to Sun Tzu, world’s twist is quite absurd.

For warfare wrought by satan is “Steal, and kill, destroy”;
For God, and Christ our leader, the Spirit will deploy
Us to some place of action within Christ’s larger plan –
“Do this or that” so Jesus can act there in the land.

But here Paul says, get ready – “Put self upon your feet”,
Then put God’s armor on you, ’fore enemy you meet;
That does not happen quickly, as I glance down the page,
So now I comprehend him – “Stand up, next task engage”.

Thanks Lord for this.