“fe (Faith)… Quenches…todos (All)” [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series - Ephesians sub-series - # Ephesians 6:16]

Not some but all (todos) Paul says,
Are quenched by fe (that’s faith) – he lays
Out way to live when heat is on,
And hope for us (our way), has gone.

To lay our care for others down
Is hard to do when satan’s ’round;
But resting on Christ’s greater love
And ways He acts midst push and shove –

To show His care for those we love
So far exceeds our ways – above
All we can hope or dream to ask –
“Stand down – if wise, I’ll give you tasks”.

And that is how all this works out –
Our “Shield of faith”, as moved about,
Turns off the heat of the attacks
By satan – Christ brings power we lack.

We wonder wistfully if “all”
(That’s todos) covers, since the fall,
All ways that satan has attacked
Us, and our loved ones, looking back.

For life is often in a mess
Already – we must now confess,
It’s not just new attacks we fear,
But fallout from the mess that’s here.

And that leads on to “Helmet” piece –
Protects our head, so we’re released
From thoughts that work from inside out –
Attacks through fear, and rising doubt.

So tambien (furthermore), Paul says,
Tomen (that’s take) helmet that plays
A role in your protective needs –
Your head’s protected, if one heeds –

Paul’s good advice – take (tomen) up
Your head protector (uelmo), tough,
Protecting you from just such risks –
Take up, put on, Paul thus insists.

For satan gets inside our heads,
Wreaks havoc in our lives – we’re led
To do the foolish things we do –
“Protect your head, I’m telling you –

“Think of salvation you were given;
Accept (for nothing you have striven) –
The same is true in this case now,
Let go – let God protect – allow –

Him access to your head – His turf,
To keep it safe from satan’s worst;
“Flip on your back and float” they say,
“When dumped from boat upon the waves”.

For your salvation comes to you
Despite your wisdom, knowledge, view
Of life – important as that is
In warfare, head’s salvation-biz.

Thanks Lord for this.