“dardos (Darts) Follow celo (Zeal)”  [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series - Ephesians sub-series - # Ephesians 6:16b]

If we sit tight, or stand alone,
We are no problem – far from zone
Of warfare, we play out our time
Upon this earth (in Kingdom, fine).

But once those zealous shoes of ours
Put us in gear, all satan’s powers
Unleashed become upon our zone
Of life – inflaming house and home.

For we’re a problem to him now;
Just note – his dardos (darts) allow
Him to proceed, creating fuss,
Once shoes of zeal (celo) move us.

For now we’re moved to speak of paz
(That’s peace) – against old satan’s cause,
As his agenda – mayhem, more;
So his attacks are what’s in store.

But look – con él (with it), Paul notes,
We quench those arrows’ flames which float
Through air towards us and our home;
It’s fe (that’s faith) does that alone.

puedan apagar, Paul writes,
Turn off the flame, like stove alight
To cook our food – just turn the switch,
And flame goes out because of it.

Faith makes you able to turn switch,
To quench the flame – be rid of it,
Protecting house and home from fire
Destroying – stopping your desire –

To share your good news to your kith
And kin – lets you get on with it,
As zealous shoes move you ahead
To do Christ’s work, as you’ve been led.

Thanks Lord for this

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