“embrazando siempre (Clutching Forever)” [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series - Ephesians sub-series - # 6:10-18 @16a]

The shield of faith, no rigid clutch of hand, but flexible,
To move this way and that, protecting, for we’re vulnerable
To satan’s arrows flying in like flaming darts they are
And setting us, and all our kin, alight right where we are.

brazando (clutching) like my friend in courthouse on that day –
She was attacked by evil folks who sought to have their way;
She knew enough to take her Bible, clutched it in her hands;
Was mocked for it – she did admit, “I cannot take the stand –

“Alone – this is barbaric, underneath its cloak of “nice”;
This book reminds me Christ’s with us amidst this current fight;
I do not wish to be the person I was once, alone,
But rather, ’bide in Christ today, up here on Kingdom home.”

She clutched her shield of faith that day and turned it towards the foe;
Her Bible just reminded her to stay behind it – know
It’s not her job to there defeat the evil one whose ways
Were wicked in extreme, but in behind her faith to stay.

The flaming arrows pounded down on her that day in court;
She was exhausted by the end, but said her Bible worked –
For having stood her ground that day amidst that awful scene,
She did withstand, so at the end still standing she had been.

Lord, in this piece I hear an action not just done one time,
Like lacing on one’s shoes, but clutching shield of faith that’s mine
siempre (to forever, constantly’s the word Paul says) –
Hang on forever to the faith, ’gainst satan’s many ways.

For todos (all) the flaming darts must be extinguished now;
Our job is let the faith do that, protection will allow
Christ to take on that task for us as we abide in Him;
Safe on the Kingdom-layer of ice – let peace in Him begin.

Thanks Lord for this.