te como conviene (As Agreed)” [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series - Ephesians sub-series - # 6:10ff sub-section end

It seems that being out alone is not good, day or night –
Paul speaks of an “agreement” – moving forward in the fight;
He’s writing to some people in a church which he once knew;
And in his good instructions, he says, “Hang together, crew”.

So often in society here on these icy streets,
We find ourselves out on our own; just “Hi” to those we meet;
Paul says that is not good enough – what if you hit the ground?
Who’s there to help you to your feet, if no one is around?

Who’s there to bounce things off? (te como conviene) speaks
Of one or more who have agreed to help with what you seek;
The “Self-made-man” is just a myth, we all are on some team,
So might as well collaborate, as world can be quite mean.

I know some folks advantage take of those cut from the herd;
They run them down and feast on them, depart without a word;
Or take one’s “Golden eggs” and run, fall flat upon their face,
For they don’t see it’s maintenance they need in every case.

Lord, thanks for Paul’s short passage ’bout the enemy we face,
And how to best prepare ourselves in this unhappy case;
For this speaks to the unity of inter-active gifts
Far more than when we’re on the earth allergic to the mix –

Of other gifts we cannot stand (or they object to us);
For when we are engaged with You, we work, with far less fuss,
Upon the tasks You’d have us do, as we move forward in
Your body, as Your hands and feet, and Kingdom-life begin.

So open us to other folks on this terrestrial ball –
te-como-con-ve-en-e”, bless our way, lest we should fall;
Help us stay open to the thoughts which other giftings bring,
That in the end, folks leave their old re-billion to You (sin).

Thanks Lord for this.