“Grace To You, And Peace” (Colossians 1:2b) [Spanish Bible series Colossians #2]

From whence does “Grace and peace” derive
To give to other “Servants”? I’ve
Encountered this in “Intro” piece –
Paul starts with blessing – “grace and peace”.

De parte de is what it reads,
“Of part, or portion of”, which needs
Conversion to our English way
Of speaking – what we mean to say –

Is “In the name of God” – but that
Is not much better – it’s still flat –
Our blessings are of God, a part –
When He’s in us, our blessings start.

Take “Peace”, “Shalom”, a Hebrew word;
That’s “Wholeness”, which is not absurd,
For when we’re “Whole”, not “Broken” folk,
It’s peace we have – then we can joke.

If someone’s ripped a strip from us
Of feelings, spirit, cash – it’s tough
To feel we’re blessed – God wishes here
God’s peace be in us – not just near.

For often we push spirit out;
Our lives get cluttered up with doubt
About it God’s love for us, His care
That we, in Him, can be repaired.

Paul’s blessing is not empty words,
Or “Just from God” – for if Paul’s heard
Throughout his letter, he will try
To heal your hurt; he hears your cry –

From deep within his prison cell
In Rome, he knows life’s troubles well,
And seeks to speak across the years
Some word of peace, address your tears.

This letter’s stood the test of time,
For grace and peace flow line by line
From ancient servant of the word
Into our hearts, once he is heard.

And “Grace”? To me that’s power-gift –
God’s presence in our lives, to lift
Us from the sticky mud around
Our rubber boots – for we’ve been found –

While taking shortcuts here in life,
Across spring-gardens, though not right
To think we can traverse such spans,
It’s rescue time – the plight of man.

So grace, God’s power lifting us;
When placed on Kingdom-layer enough
New strength to carry on “Today”,
To live in Christ, new Kingdom-way.

So Paul will now move on to give
His gospel insights – how to live
A new life, centered in the Christ
With grace and peace, not just “Advice”.

As father’s care for children here,
Paul views “Our Father” – makes it clear
We’re pulled from sticky mud we’re in,
Placed where new life in Him begins

But more than that, Christ’s dealing with
The “Mud”, the evil – on His list
Of “Things I’ve got to do today” –
Sometime in future He will say –

“You too can help Me in My task
Of stomping evil – hence I ask
You to do “This or that” for Me,
That I have room to work through thee.

So in Paul’s intro, blessing’s found,
Far more than nice words thrown around;
He’s serious – “The grace and peace
Of God – I pray it will increase.”

Lord, thanks for this wee insight here,
And helping now to make it clear;
Each day, as I read through this tome,
May grace and peace flow to my home.

Thanks Lord for this.