“The Unprotected Zone” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War#11-10B] Heb.12:12; 1 Pet.5:8; Jn.8:44)

A fact of life, of late made known
To me in life, not in some tome –
It’s best one not speak of one’s strengths,
Lest they’ll be cast aside at length.

Or where one’s not that strong, I’d say,
That’s where attack will come some day,
For hunger’s greatest at these points;
We’re vulnerable, like aging joints –

That cannot bear full weight, or pain,
So favored are; some, almost lame;
We limp through life, put up with them –
“Attacking point” those joints are then.

So be alert in weakest case;
Alert when strange events take place –
Approaches used, unique to date –
For satan will not hesitate –

To move in fast once opening
Becomes available to bring
His legions in to occupy
Some part of life with streams of lies.

That part I know; but not reverse
(Although I’ve also such rehearsed,
And played out in as many years
As I’ve been ’round this vale of tears).

For now I see You do it too –
Though weapon’s different which You use –
You seek out vulnerability
To strengthen folks, as You to me.

For speed is of the essence here;
Sun Tzu said that’s of war most clear –
You’re swift to move when speed’s required;
You strengthen us when knees are tired.

You also ask us to move in
When others, caught in worldly sin,
Need help – go unexpectedly;
In spirit-guidance act in Thee.

It’s not just our defense that’s here
Addressed, but Your offense – no fear
On Your part of a loss to You –
So that ensures the things we do –

Can serve Your purposes each day
In unexpected helpful ways;
Your team acts in Your unity –
The brings, in You, the victory.

Lord, that’s exciting – opens up
A way of doing life – enough
To occupy our lives each day,
As we Your body-life display.

Thanks Lord for this.