“Realities Of War” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11 – Title] (Genesis 2 and 3; James 4:1ff; 2:6; Romans 12:21; Matthew 5:43-48; 18:7; 23:23ff; chapter 5 and six; Luke 10:25ff)

This chapter takes the scene we’re in
Just to the door, when war begins;
It’s practical, last planning steps;
As far as forethought ever gets.

But in these plans the smell of war
Is stronger now, not as before;
Here, plans for men amidst terrain
Are pondered well, in face of pain.

For war, as Sun Tsu said at first,
Is terrible – of man, the worst;
Some day Christ says all this will end;
But in the meantime – Kings will send –

Their young to die most needlessly,
And in their path civilians flee,
’Till all this settles down once more;
’Till someone else begins a war.

Lord, Sun Tsu, as a comment on
Paul’s tome, in which his view is found
Of You defeating evil, now,
And in the future – and allow –

Us to participate – Your way –
By overcoming hate each day,
As You direct us to pour out
God’s love to all who mill about.

Lord in this chapter he spells out
The front-line picture – has no doubt
That this is how the “Art of War
Plays out – and yet Paul’s added more –

For Paul would claim man stole Your ways,
And twisted them to power plays
To use against one’s neighbors, kin,
Until his greed’s assuaged, for sin –

(Rebellion, that is, from our God)
We’ve all bought into on this sod;
So money, power, we need to “play
God’s role” as we live out each day.

The choice was ours, and with it pain;
We took the apples, twisted game
Of life to serve our selfish goals –
And wonder how life’s full of holes.

Lord thanks for Sun Tsu’s chapter ’leven,
And concepts in our thought like leaven
Enlivening each quiet verse;
Transforming now the best from worst.

Thanks Lord for this.