“The Dream Team We Wish For” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11-12B]

Sun Tzu describes a dream-team every boss thinks he would like,
But also notes the factor which evokes that in a fight,
Is desperation, hopelessness, so give it added thought;
Perhaps life is quite adequate with aspects that are taught.

For dream-team Sun Tzu talks about is way beyond the drill,
Maneuvers, or the structure which gives order to your will;
It’s way beyond the marshaled ranks, and discipline enforced;
It’s way beyond encouragement, or adequate resource.

It’s way beyond your asking, seeking, knocking on the door;
It’s way beyond requirements, extortion, use of force;
It’s way beyond agreements, treaties, covenants, and such;
It’s way beyond restrictions, orders, reprimanding touch.

A boss dreams of a team that acts without their being asked;
Spontaneous their watchword, sometimes seen in days gone past;
But now it’s intermittent; they prefer intensity,
of Focus in the team they have, it’s that for which they dream.

Dream on, Sun Tzu would comment, for you only get that once –
In face of desperation, facing death – and that’s no hunch
For when life rises up from what’s embedded in their hearts,
That’s when you get your dream-team – just before last battle starts.

Alertness is first of factor Sun Tzu lists as factors bright –
Preparedness, and vigilance, are useful in a fight;
Without them men play cards, kick back, and dream of life back home;
Not so in face of death for them; for then their thoughts don’t roam.

Involvement is the second aspect on the dream-team list –
Enlistment without drafting; volunteers to do each wish;
Devotion to the cause; cooperating with your will;
Support extended to your plans; enthusiastic still.

Then faithfulness is factor which our leader longs to see –
In troops or workers in the field, a closeness there would be;
Together in affection to each person in the corps;
And friendliness to one and all, how could one ask for more?

And then there is engagement, they’re described as diligent –
Trustworthy as the day is long when on some mission bent;
Reliable, involved indeed, each order is obeyed,
Before it’s even passed your lips, and done without delay.

The dream-team operates flat-out, hold nothing in reserve –
What can’t they do with superpowers beyond what man has heard?
There’s nothing they cannot achieve, with perseverance full;
Both officers and men exhaust their strength, without a lull.

In fearlessness they sally forth, they’ve lost their sense of fear;
They’re resolute to do their job, once mandate is made clear;
In firmness of their stance a stubborn streak is often seen;
They join together, unify, and stick with all their being.

And fight they will when other ways exhausted are at last;
Engagement with the enemy is done when die is cast;
It’s hand-to-hand, and hard the fight, but they’ll step up to do
The task that lies before them – are these words describing you?

Do you sit there on the sidelines, or are you in fact all in?
Would you describe yourself as one who’s said goodbye to sin?
That is, “Rebellion from our God”; not one that’s first to flee,
But rather, not deserting, or retreating constantly?

Lord, some of this can be brought out in training, style of life;
Most ultimately, I’d agree, emerges in the strife;
How strong the lure, to me at least, of being such a one,
In daily life, maturing thus – to me that sounds like fun.

“The Kingdom-life is much like that, as you mature each day;
Grow into it, and help your neighbors live their lives this way;
Not rocket science, it calls forth the highest and the best,
In all of you – for you’re designed for life, not just its test.

“So hang in, Stu, the battle’s on, I’m quite aware of this;
The upside of this stuff is good – on good I do insist;
This gives some clue to how all this fits into what I do;
And role that each could play in life – and that’s including you.”

Lord, thanks for this – so much is here for me to think about;
It’s twisted form familiar is, for it lies all about;
Thanks for this vision of Your task, as Paul wrote in his plea;
Its present, past, and future forms, attract the likes of me.

Thanks Lord for this.