“From Static Scene To Calculus” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11 – 19-A 1]

I had not seen his subtle shift take place
As I’d reflected on the Sun Tsu space,
Until I found it grind into the ground –
Me wondering what needed to be found.

I re-read parts, especially at end
Of part I done to here, to comprehend
What I had missed, some turn I had not made;
Then, there it was – it all before me laid.

Reviewing math back years ago, I made
A graphic-chart, in which each part was laid
Out like a “Jungle-gym” of interlocking parts,
Each adding to the last to make its start.

Quite proud I was of insights I had gained –
I saw that math quite logical remained,
And had a structure, limited for most
Mere mortals – tool of which I now could boast.

I showed my teacher, she was quite impressed;
And then she made a comment – “It could best
Be viewed two ways – as ‘Still’ and ‘Motion’ math –
For ‘Calculus’ re-flowed for motion’s task”.

She then explained my chart was good for “Stills”,
Like cans, and boxes, trees, and height of hills;
But flow of gas through hose was “Volume” too,
So motion added on another view.

If I would fold of my chart, make added layer,
Re-work it all with movement’s presence there –
“It’s all the same, just add that factor in,
And world of flow – of ‘Calculus’ begins.”

So too Sun Tsu, or Jesus’ Kingdom-layer –
All work to date was “Static” view of prayer;
That’s good for learning – slows the picture down,
But real life has flow across the ground.

So now the dance moves from discerning steps,
To movement’s flow where pace of music gets
Cranked up to speed, and obstacles emerge,
Each blending with the other dancers’ urge –

To go their way, express themselves right here;
Or shift to left, and enter opening clear;
So plans must shift, or modify at least,
Until new moves they make to later beats.

It’s not new moves, but how the interface
Of each plays out; and time, old thoughts replace;
It’s like the flow of nouns and verbs in speech,
So interplay of dialogue we reach.

That is a new and tricky shift to make,
From stills to motion picture we would take;
Same principles, like math to calculus,
But lots to learn – transitions can be tough.

Lord as I view this is shift in Art of War
I find excitement rise, as here before,
When insights came – but now with added layer,
Appreciation grows for Kingdom-players.

For now this set of skills so patiently
Conveyed to us, as added tasks we see
You doing here – as evil You destroy,
Puts added meaning on, and You employ –

The gospel words of guidance, as your “Guns”,
And “Bombs”, and “Swords”, and “Shifts of river runs”,
Now moves to “Dance” – to interactive-life –
I’m blown away – as dawn brings end to night.

Lord, thanks for this amazing way of thought
Sun Tsu has opened up to world we’ve got;
Within the covers of Your sacred word,
So much to ponder, share, as parts are heard.

Thanks Lord for this.