“Shut Up, Stu” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11 – 16-17B] (John 18:20; 15:15; 1 Peter 5:8)

“A leader must be circumspect in all he says and does”,
So Sun Tsu cautions all who lead their troops to war, because,
“Loose lips sink ships”, that poster read at time of war for us;
“One person at a time” is still the gossip-chain of fuss.

So even those who work for you must in the dark be kept –
By changing plans and travel routes and places where one’s slept,
It keeps the senses dulled, they quit attempting to perceive
The way the mind of General is going to proceed.

But false reports (“Fake news”, that is), and sham appearances,
Deceptive practice, smokescreen forms permitting clearances
To those who need their cover while stealthily they go,
That in the end there’s victory, and triumph troops then know.

Quite unaware of what goes on, both friends and enemies
Cannot, quite inadvertently, spill beans on what one sees;
If others can’t anticipate his moves or foil attack,
Then quite successful he will be – less loss and far less flack.

Though I’ve been on the receiving end of “honorific talk”,
And tried my best to hush it up, that I can freely walk
Around and do my tasks each day – “A war’s on, can’t you see?
If cover’s blown, it makes it hard to help in victory”.

But folks don’t get it, so they talk – but here I see as well,
That I’m as big a culprit – thought our allies would not tell,
So blabbed about the work and plans, but now I hear, “Shut up –
There Stuie babe – to one and all, do not your business strut”.

Well, thanks for this heads up, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
Your telling me to shut my face indeed is good advice;
Deceptive info? “That’s okay, though keep Franz Kafka’s yarn
In mind as you communicate, lest others come to harm”.

Lord, what I hear in all this part, is insight into You –
You’re circumspect in what You say lest we wreck what You do;
I had not viewed it in this way, but now more clearly see,
And by Your grace will quiet be, assisting victory.

Thanks Lord for this.