“Hit The Road, Jack” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11-1G (Heb.12:12; Josh. Ch.7; Phil. 4:8;Eph.6:18)

When land is rough and roads are slop;
In forest glens or mountaintop;
In deep ravines and steep defiles;
In wetlands, swamps, or marshes wild –

That’s any place the way is hard,
That’s difficult by inch or yard,
The mess you’re in – “Entrapping ground” –
“Compartments-bad” to be around –

What should you do? Get out of there!
Keep on the march, perhaps repair
The road to speed your movement hence;
Let sunset find great progress hence.

I’m thinking, Lord, of messy space
Where movement halts – it’s not the place
To set up shop – in past you’ve moved
Projects along in process crude.

I find three-quarters of the way
Through, projects bogged down with delays –
Can’t seem to move on road ahead;
Without Your aid, such project’s dead.

Lord, this is challenge in our lives –
“Three-quarter-slump” in You revives,
Then on to victory in You
Thanks Lord for helping what we do.

But now I hear, “Join in My work;
Don’t venture off and be a jerk,
But enter in My task indeed
I’ll tend to hazard’s greater need.”

I like the sound of that, dear Lord –
To walk attentive to Your word;
Tough times in contexts’ rough terrain
Could now, in You, be quickly tamed.

Lord, help me see, and hear, and do,
What e’er it takes to live in You;
To be Your body with Your team,
Move all beyond the mean and mean.

Thanks Lord for this.