“The Hockey Rink” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11-1D (Gen.32:22-32)

When context holds no barriers for each
Contestant, adversary, enemy,
So both can, unobstructed to come and go,
And liberty of movement both sides it know –

It’s best to keep an eye on your defense;
Don’t leave a gap or two within your fence;
Don’t let your sub-groups separate their ways;
Don’t interfere with any of his plays.

Be vigilant, and a diligent indeed;
Both you and other party each can see
The other’s actions, for it cuts both ways –
What’s good and bad works equally, it says.

If you can traverse, so can enemy;
Communications both can plainly see;
So watch supply lines; keep your info fresh;
Return from such attacks will pay much less –

Than fighting elsewhere – keep your group intact;
Be careful when you make approach, pull back;
To me that runs against my prairie ways,
Where open ground is where I spend most days.

My mind goes back to “Boulder on an egg”,
An image of the ideal that Sun Tzu pegged;
For open land does not conditions meet –
Like wrestlers in a ring – hard to defeat.

Which brings to mind the Jabok wrestling match,
Where Angel fought with Jacob ’till he crashed
His hand against Jake’s hip, made Jacob limp
(For balance of his life made Jacob think).

Thanks Lord for this.