“In Quietness And Confidence Shall Be Your Strength” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11 – 21-22A] (Mark 15:5; Luke 13:32; Romans 8:1f; James 1:26; 3:5ff; Isaiah 30:15B; 1 Samuel 15:25

A guy I knew once told a friend of mine,
“Watch Stu – he’s sneaky” – statement blew my mind;
No reason why he said as much that day;
Left me to think what games that fellow played.

My friend did not reveal which “Friend” of mine
Spoke “Indirect” to soften words – refined
No doubt by years of hidden subterfuge;
I get annoyed when “Indirect” gets used.

But now I get a fresh perspective here –
“Just follow Christ, who obfuscates what’s clear
To keep us safe from others’ treachery –
“Keep them in dark, and you’ll much safer be.”

So that includes us in “News blackout zone”
For we’re quite yappy – can’t leave things alone;
We are our own worst enemy, it seems,
As Sun Tsu says – “It’s ‘Circumspect’, not ‘Mean’.”

Good leaders (Christ), say “Do it, don’t ask why –
My reticence to talk won’t let you die;
I need each life, and value all, the same;
So best shut up – your tongue you cannot tame.”

If others think us “Sneaky” when we’re not,
It might be them – projection of their thought –
But now I see, it’s best just left that way,
And “I don’t know”, the best that we might say.

So too with prospects (odds of our success) –
Good leaders find that folks can act their best
When future scope, “straight-line-trajectories”,
Are set aside; set goals as “victory”.

We’ve seen before – Sun Tsu showed danger’s use
In snatching victory from some excuse;
It’s risky game; though “Hopeless” has its role
In winning fights as part of long-term goal.

But he has cautioned us to careful be
In using hope to spur on victory –
Both ways – don’t use that method all the time,
Or benefits lose edge at boundary lines.

So all this silence, use of hope, despair,
Let’s leaders act, stay flexible, prepare
For changes in the land, the men, the foe;
So let things wash right by, as off you go.

We often hear folks question ways of God,
But in this piece I’m hearing, it’s not odd
That we be asked to trust in Christ, His love;
As He requests some action from above.

For He can see big picture – task of His –
Defeating evil – lets us join His biz;
But He’s got ways which even Sun Tsu knows;
Now so do we – it keeps us on our toes.

Lord, thanks for this brief chapter summary
With added guidance to more silent be;
To watch and learn, trust in Your leadership –
As dangers rise – trust You’ll look after it.

Thanks Lord for this.