“Provisioning” (Prov.13:22) [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11-1F ]

Once you have penetrated deep within
The land where hostile forces can begin
To pincer your advancement, seize your grub,
Munitions, swords, and shields – now there’s the rub.

If you left forts and cities far behind
To travel fast, then know this is the time
They’ll sortie forth and raid lines of supply
To leave you cut off – hungry by-and-by.

This ground, or context, zone, type of terrain,
Is “Serious”, or “Heavy”, “Deep” domain
Of enemy, who dominates the zone;
And you attack the foe there in his home.

So “tit-for-tat” some say – you take my things,
So I’ll take yours – if victory this brings;
I’ll plunder far and wide so I have food;
You scorch this earth and it will not be good.

Some others say, it’s time to strengthen lines –
Supplies which need to flow there all the time
(That’s armaments and such Sun Tzu has said),
Don’t let your army be by others bled.

“Appropriations” is word for this act –
You’re seizing what you need, and that’s a fact
Of life where armies storm another’s land,
And deeply penetrate to make a stand.

Lord, I’ve been there, the sinner’s treasure trove’s
Stored for the righteous ones, the Scripture shows;
But “Soldiers, with your wage contented be;
And do not people there proceed to fleece”.

There’s businesses who work both sides of war –
Munitions makers, “profit-making’s for
Us neutrals to your fight – so watch me gain,
As prices rise to wartime heights of shame.

War profiteers are often found at home,
On both sides, as your army starts to roam
Into another’s country – “Milk the cow”
To end the war with profits not allowed.

“Black-market” goods and then flourish in both lands,
For business only one thing understands –
“Get all you can; can all you get; sit on
The lid; shoot all the others” is their song.

The mix of money (resource) and such power
As one finds in such massive conflict’s hour,
Is ultimate in how these two entwine
In times of war, and even peaceful-times.

One thing I hear, “provision” is the key
To what you need to do – your army feed;
With armaments supply, to keep them safe;
So, deal with it – the other’s goodies take.

So be aware that others think like this;
When evil one attacks deep into bliss,
Just count on it, he’ll from your stash withhold
The cash you need to fund your actions bold.

They did that – garnisheed illegally
Resources they could find – arrived and seized;
But You were way ahead – irrelevant
Were such supplies – and so the battle went.

And in this situation now I see,
She swooped in, seized the tools that she could see
With no regard for courtesy or tact
I sensed it then, now comprehend “attack”.

So now I understand – I’m deeply in
The land that’s dominated now by sin;
It’s sugar-coated with hypocrisy –
“Lines of supply” are critical to me.

Thanks Lord for this.