“Press In” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #1111 – 24-25] (1 Corinthians 15:24-28; Matthew 28:20; 10:28ff; 24:40; 10:17; 7:15; 2 Timothy 1:1 to; John 18; Revelation 21:5; 5:5; Hosea 5:14; 1 Peter 5:8)

On day that war’s declared just press on in;
When opening appears, offense begin;
Close doors; remove the passports of the foes;
Accept no future emissaries’ notes.

All matters to the top refer, for here
High vigilance must fast allay all fears
Within your rank and file, sub-leaders too –
For all must have your competence in view.

The plans and tallies made ahead of time
Must now be implemented – cross the line
Of no return; for now no if’s or but’s
Must hinder forward movement – times are tough.

At first, be like a maiden, lure him in;
Once the door is opened, rabbit-like begin
To press advantage – blast on through the gap;
And when the time is right, mount your attack.

Get to the thing they want, but get there first;
Anticipate their moves; rip best from worst;
Keep disciplined; engage in judo-dance;
“Intentional” – don’t get “Ants in your pants”.

From quiet silence to the lion’s roar,
Off-guard your foe will be when you give more
Attack then he was thinking was in store;
When boulder crushes eggshell – can’t restore.

Joint operations set up secretly;
Stay wide awake, alert to enemy,
So you can fathom thoughts and plans afoot;
Then seize the day from action that he took.

If enemy has date for his attack,
That’s even better – flexi-time he lacks;
Stay open and obscured last he foresee,
How his attacking might successful be.

Lord this is helpful – understanding You,
And ways obscured to human beings’ view;
I realize there’s so much to be done,
That each and every battle might be won.

But one thing that this section says to me
Is “Preparations time”, which we can see,
Must yield to “Operations” – then supply
Is not the focus – it’s now “Do or die”.

So much for me to ponder in this tome;
When viewed as commentary – here at home,
In times of peace around me, day by day –
Aware that this will not forever stay.

Lord, thanks for this new insight from this part;
I thought it would be hard, back at the start,
Because of detail, but that switched mid-way;
So this turned out to be “Amazing day”.

Thanks Lord for this.