“The Devil’s Playbook” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11 – 20B] (Psalm 11; 1 Corinthians 15:24-28; Matthew 5:12, 46; chapter 6; Luke 10:25ff; acts 16:25ff)

This forms the playbook of the likes of Trump –
Out of his league he is, for careless bump,
And he is in a pickle – CEO’s
Do this as well – “You’re fired”, the saying goes.

Of course, this goes for Sun Tsu’s golden horde,
Or other chieftains playing role of ‘Lord’;
Hence, enter Satan with his legions dark,
As he attempts to play his “greater bark”.

When I go straight to You, O Son of God,
Pull out the insights from this twisted sod,
And then work back to Your un-twisted view –
Perhaps that’s better route for me to choose.

By way of “Joining up with lesser teams”,
I’m hearing You forgo that, for it means
That You’re beholden to such fostered power,
Which tallies not with task You’re at each hour.

The other way of taking Sun Tsu’s lines
Says You do not contend with all You find,
For coalitions satan cobbles up?
More hassle than they’re worth, one’s quite enough.

Your power of love and care, tsunami-like,
Can overwhelm with all, a massive sight;
Your influence, ambitions, faith in God
The Father, is what sweeps across this sod.

The ‘Threat’ of Your acceptance of the “Worst” –
Explodes the hearts and minds, for such will burst,
When they confront tsunami’s sweeping power;
“Sirocco’ of the desert’s searing hour.

It’s capable of sweeping cities, towns,
Of overthrowing kingdoms, states, and crowns;
The overwhelming surge of love I see
Wins in the end – far greater force than me.

You give rewards as you see fit without
Restrictions custom brings, for You’re about
A task that has a broader aspect here,
Which makes rewarding-basis for You, clear.

Your orders and directions shift and change
As You devise the moves of Your campaign;
Some opportunity to pour out love
Emerges constantly midst push and shove.

So this is not a war by formula,
Which ushers satan’s fall in face of love;
He thought his way was better, but it’s not;
Just look – see what his attitudes have brought!

It seems the “Devil’s Playbook” comes from You –
He twists each aspect which he sees You do,
So he can win, and end up playing God –
Like those who play with power upon this sod.

Lord, comprehending just a bit of this
Helps me back off from edge of that abyss;
But even more, I see this power of love
Expressed through people facing “Push and shove”.

Lord, thanks for this amazing vision piece,
Through which Your love to people is released
Through those of us who choose to lay our lives
At Your disposal – thus Your Kingdom thrives.

Thanks Lord for this.