“Let People Be People” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11-13A-B] (Revelation 14:5; Matthew 4:16; Romans 12:21; Mark 11:24; 2 Timothy 1:12)

Let people be people, then set it aside –
Don’t try to prevent human nature – besides,
You can’t – so just harness whatever you can,
And then work around it – it’s much better than –

Attempting to squelch it, pretend it’s not there,
Like call into battle – denying they’re scared,
Or else they love living much more than their death,
So weeping’s expected for taking last breath.

Or take hostile feelings historic in root,
Held by your grouped soldiers, commanders to boot;
Those inter-group hassles are there like two hands,
Which both are quite different for woman or man.

But when there’s a problem, both hands will respond –
Each comes to assistance of other as strong,
When other is weak – one holds paper, one pen,
So both get the job done – so letter you’ll send.

If you train your people to act like two hands,
They’ll mutually help out each other as planned;
A snake in Tsu’s mountains attacks, head and tail,
Each comes to assistance so both ends prevail.

Some soldiers like goods, wealth, and toys just like us;
They set that aside when there’s hassle and fuss;
They all prefer living their lives to old age,
But preference is quashed when war takes center stage.

So let them have feelings, have time to let go;
It’s not that they won’t, but one thing you should know –
If they are not humanely viewed as your men,
They will not respect you, assist you – and then –

It’s you with the problem as leader out front –
Not only terrain must you daily confront,
Or use of the locals for guiding your ways,
Diplomacy’s tactics to strengthen your plays –

But you must let people be people, and then,
Make peace with their parting with farmlands and glen;
When this is completed, attention can turn
To battle before them, and skills they must learn.

Trust what is built in them, that makes a dream-team,
For they are all humans, learn just what that means;
Then do your part ably as leadership corps,
And it will work out, no one asks from you more.

Lord, as I consider Sun Tsu’s sage advice,
I turn once again and view of how You entice
The same type of people to Your Kingdom-layer
To join in Your battle-lines guided by prayer.

For people aren’t enemies, not by a mile;
It’s satan and evil, who’s expert at guile;
Sure he will include us in second-rate life,
But really wants fodder for canon and fife.

So, thanks for assurance that life is worth-while;
Thanks for attention to us without guile;
Thanks for the invite to highest and best;
Thanks for not having to let go the rest –

Of what we now value, but rather can seize,
The best that we value, received on our knees,
And flaunt it as bait for enticing recruits
To Kingdom-layer lifestyle – much better than loot.

To “Overcome evil with good” is a task,
Which takes daily growth, venturing down endless paths
From where we have been in some second-rate life,
To life You have shown us – from darkness to light.

For we too are human, same factors abide
Within us as others who take other side;
Such life is eternal, Your invite abides
For all ’till the end-time – “In Kingdom reside!”.

Thanks Lord for this.