“Overcoming Hostility” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War#11-11] (Ex. ch. 16; Matt.9:41; 1 Cor.12:10; Rom. 12:21)

It’s hostile forces we encounter when,
In Christ, we step across some boundary, then
The insights Sun Tzu’s made make perfect sense;
But sidetracked we become when at their fence.

But principles in use are clear enough –
The deeper we go in, as things get tough,
Our side pulls in together as a corps,
And solidarity comes to the fore.

The troops feel unified as body type,
Consolidated in their focused fight;
Intensity increases as you move;
The odds you will succeed will now improve.

A point is reached where locals cannot win;
Defenders overwhelm, and so begin
To reconcile to form of rulership
From elsewhere taking over – balance tips.

The role of business-finance rises now,
For systems of production are the how
Of feeding massive armies on the move –
Seize fertile countryside to get your food.

Appropriate to the best productive land;
That’s “plunder them”, of course, you understand;
Not just one-off, but start to settle down,
And work the farms and factories around.

Attend the health of troops with greatest care;
Reduce their stress and excess labor there;
Well fed and nourished, healthy – set their pace
For long-term presence in this hostile state.

Consolidate your energy, unite
The troops, and build morale up for the fight;
With courage and high spirits, chi maintain;
For it will likely be a long campaign.

Build up, conserve your strength, for when you act,
Great strength and stamina they’ll need, in fact,
As you keep movement constant in the land,
They’ll need this long-term view to understand.

When plans are made for actions in this land,
It’s best they’re based on good strategic plans;
“Unfathomable” is term that Sun Tzu used,
For complex is this situation new.

Lord, that’s the part I understand a bit;
That’s also where diverted focus hits –
For since the days of Eden it’s the land
Of earth beneath the heavens we understand.

So we see people as our enemy,
But Kingdom-layer initiatives in Thee
Have evil as a focus – help me see
What Your invasion-principles would be.

Thanks Lord for this.

“Well Stu, start with cross-cultures in your day,
Results of Babel-friction now in play;
You’ve been there, split the friction from the folks,
And love the people, share with them your jokes.

“For enemies don’t laugh at common jokes;
So Satan is annoyed when he sees blokes
Enjoying, fraternizing – he can’t win
If all his captive-train aren’t trapped in sin.

“Turn tables ’round, and feed them, boost their lives;
You’re in their land as friends not hostile spies;
Boost up there lot, build their economy,
And bring them peace and joy which they can see.

“So touch to give, don’t touch to take each day;
A cup of water cold the Scripture says,
Bread broken, handed out to enemies,
And donkey of Samaritan will please.

“Don’t get obsessed by antics of the foe,
For Satan’s hands are tied – he cannot go
Down roads of kindness, he is selling sin,
So selfishness is place where he begins.

“Of course, he sugar-coats philosophy
With ample servings of the “Role of greed
As unseen hand behind economy”;
So fill the gap, and meet their present need.

“Like Moses, Paul, and others in their day,
Have all fill up their manna-jars of clay;
Have quick one’s help the slow once they’re done,
Lest any linger out beneath the sun.

“That’s how one starts to build community –
Not letting fast ones satisfy their greed,
Ignore slow ones – all together toil –
A model that was given in desert soil.

“Stu, that’s the sort of actions one should take;
Distinctions of such spirits you should make,
Then feed and nurture those you want to live,
For they’re your allies – helped by life you give.

Okay Lord, thanks for this.