“Marriage” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11 – 14]

So how does one build unity –
Where head or tail or middle see
The others come, assistance give,
That all together they might live?

Sun Tzu says means mechanical
Are insufficient tactical
Support – like tying horses down,
Or digging wheels into the ground –

To keep the free from getting out,
When their survival is in doubt;
Or even marching, all in step,
Will not give unity – forget –

Such “Hardware” means – go “Software” way –
Build unity before the day
It’s needed, when the heat is on –
Do that, or half will soon be gone.

Tenacity and unity
Of purpose much ahead you’ll see,
If you build in such inner strength,
It will endure the time at length

Lord, You let folks walk out at will;
Foretold desertion on the hill
Of Olives – which they all did then
(Except old Judas – leading men –

To haul you into Pilate’s court);
So You foresaw that all Your work
Would come apart, then form again;
But snap it did in short-term strain.

Tenacity and unity
Emerged much later, we can see;
But it emerged, and can for us,
As we consider future fuss.

The story goes one-third of church,
When Hanoi fell left group in lurch;
Said, “I don’t need this trouble here”;
And promptly those folks disappeared.

Another third, not in their ranks,
Joined up, expressing deep-felt thanks –
Said, “I can’t to do this on my own;
This group I now consider home”.

For unity’s ephemeral;
Tenacity amidst the swirl,
Can be developed if one will,
Ahead of time – don’t wait until –

The crunch is on, engage ahead;
Think well on what Sun Tzu has said,
Then put in practice – broad the scope
Of Christ’s uniting human folks.

What comes to mind is family,
A husband-wife especially –
When tough times come, some unity
Will carry freight successfully.

But it won’t rise up in a pinch;
It’s built through decades, inch by inch;
The challenge comes for most at end
Of life, when both assistance lend –

To other, if they make it through;
If unity is lost on two,
The weak or strong can’t step into
The breach addressing challenge new.

So build up unity ahead,
For block of time before your dead
(At least in this society,
When old folks will great challenge see).

Thanks Lord for this.