“As One Man” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11 – 21-22B] (Romans 12; first Corinthians 12; Ephesians 4:5; Matthew 10:29ff)

He circles ’round, comes back to “one-man” theme;
Reiterates big-picture view of scene
As having just one body to command;
Like man with dog – “Heel”, “Sit”, “Go fetch” demands.

Lord, Paul says too, that You invite us in
To be Your body in Your fight with sin
(That’s “Mud” the kid is mired within;
The kid gets rescued – life for him begins).

His label for accomplishment like this,
Is “Skillful”, “Artful”, and “Ingenious”;
Quite “Capable” in “Vital acts of war”;
Big picture’s what the “General” is for.

He sums things up – it’s just a big pretense
To be complicit in the foe’s offense,
And defense too – deceptively comply,
’Till opening’s seen – where paths to victory lie.

The object is to kill the “General” –
Lop off Goliath’s head, and that will spell
A victory a thousand miles away;
The evil one tried that, failed as he played –

Into the larger scheme You had, O Lord;
Your mentored-players scattered, took Your word
Like seed that’s scattered onto fallow ground;
Like yeast in dough – where leavened bread is found.

Like little sparks now carried by the wind
From forest fires – contagion spread within
The darksome forest – light exploding high
As gospel word – “Now Satan’s death is nigh”.

That illustrates what Sun Tsu said to do
To “Forward – back” moves enemy may choose;
Play judo-dance – comply, and use his force
Against himself – to you a new resource.

Lord, acts of love; and long-game which You lead,
Give new perspectives on the world we see;
Thanks for Sun Tsu’s description of the scene
You now play out, with us as “Body”; “Team”.

Thanks Lord for this.