“In Dying We Live ” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11-1I (Lk. ch.15)

Sun Tzu says death and dying bring to fore
Psychology of troops as not before;
He says their nature in this desperate case
Is quite unique, then details what takes place.

When they’re surrounded, they will all resist;
Fight to the death when alternate is blixed;
When desperate, they will follow all commands,
Implicitly fulfill top-down demands.

So when the ground is “Lethal”, “Fatal”, “Death”,
Or “Mortal”, “Desperate”, “Dying ground” at best,
He’d tell his troops – “Low chance you will survive”,
To trigger in them fighting spirit’s drive.

For when the battle must not be delayed,
Intensity and courage be displayed,
Or else they’ll be defeated presently,
Fierce combat is what battle needs to be.

I hear this counsel from You in the past –
“Die to the world’s attractions – die is cast,
And all will perish, new Jerusalem
Will come to be, this mess we cannot mend.

“Be born again, and shift to Kingdom-layer;
Join in My task in thought, in deed, and prayer;
Defeating all the enemies of God;
Thus bringing Kingdom-layer down to the sod.

“You’ll lose possessions, friendships, and your lives,
So get accustomed to that fact; survive
In long-term victory of Kingdom-kin;
As brothers, sisters, join the war I’m in.”

Lord, I would say, to date, effect on me,
Is letting go, so “Handles” cannot be
Manipulated by external foes –
That’s death to self and world – and how that goes.

“Stu, it’s okay – for Armageddon’s hope
Is not a worldly win – much greater scope
Is seen in final vision of that fight;
For you, it’s death to self and shift to right.

“For righteous living now is what’s required –
The best of life the Scripture has inspired;
Just buy into My Kingdom-life above,
And be My body – conduit of love”.

Thanks Lord for this.