“Leverage” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War#11-10A (John 12:3; Romans 12:21)

What does the evil one hold dear?
His captive ones locked up in fear;
His strut throughout the universe;
Control he holds through power and purse.

So if attack is imminent
From evil ’neath the firmament,
Well-ordered ranks his legions are,
Outnumber you today by far –

Ask, “What could I take up today
Which would annoy him – on his way
To stretch control o’er more of us?”
Do that and that’s a useful thrust.

I’m hearing that’s what’s done by You,
O Lord, sometimes You ask us to
Partake in such a winsome deal –
Show captive-treasures strong appeal –

Of Kingdom life – win them away
To Kingdom-life in You today –
Relief from chronic stress perchance;
To feel again first love’s romance.

Or have a family-life once more;
Support, relationship before
Despaired of – now with hope renewed,
As Kingdom-layer is clearly viewed.

“Temptation works both ways”, he said,
So make a tempting life be fed
To those around, for fragrance sweet
Will soon attract approaching feet.

Sun Tzu said that’s the best response
To massive onslaught being launched
By evil strong, in ordered ranks –
Place flower in guns of evil’s tanks.

Lord, this is good – I almost missed
The role played by that heavenly kiss –
The photograph, of peace deployed
When evil there has been annoyed.

Or end to gladiator games –
One man stepped in – forget his name –
A monk – said “Stop!” – they put to death
The saint – that action did arrest –

Attention of the crowd and King;
That ended then and there a thing
Which evil was, and evil used,
To which good said – “There’s no excuse.”

Thanks Lord for this.