“The Human Potential Movement” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11 – 18] (Judges 6-7)

A joke is made – a pun I guess,
On modern psycho-social-mess –
“Potential” of the “Human kind”
Is moved to forefront, all quite blind.

That is, Sun Tsu brings troops to front
To do some battle, or confront
Another who has come to spoil
Their country (now, to steal their oil).

The touchy-feely-psycho-nubes,
Who use that label, all refuse
To say their methods are bizarre,
For quite “Credentialed” leaders are.

Make no mistake, their shrinks are nuts,
And quite aggressive – if’s and buts
Are not allowed; they’re on attack,
Though undisclosed their warring acts.

To me, they’re targets of our Lord –
Not them, but their aggressive words,
And theories all designed for power
That they control for ’bout one hour.

At least in Sun Tzu, war’s declared,
And though his plan is many-layered,
He’s quite up front – “I’m on attack;
Kicked ladder out – no turning back.

“I’ve burned the boats, and smashed the pots;
I’m focused here with all I’ve got;
I’m going deep in your terrain;
When trigger’s pulled, you’ll not remain”.

That’s pretty clear, intention’s known
As he and troops depart from home;
Of course, his officers and men
Are quite confused ’bout where and when –

Forward and back; then to and fro
He moves his men, but no one knows
What’s going on in leader’s mind,
But deeply-in they’re of one kind.

To put the troops thus in harm’s way,
Is leader’s task from day to day;
They’re like a flock of sheep ’till told,
“Today’s the day, O Sheep – be bold!”

Sometimes three armies join some way,
Then all are off to “Seize the day” –
Their moment critical has come;
The goal is set, and data’s run.

Once penetrated deep within
The other’s land, he can begin
To show his hand, for it’s too late
For others to reciprocate.

Lord, this sounds like some former scenes
Where You’ve led me, where struggle’s been;
Or one which I’m in currently –
Blind as a bat – I cannot see.

Now I see why, and it makes sense –
The evil-one is far from dense;
It’s better we hang in, unite,
And keep our well-oiled mouths shut tight.

Thanks Lord, for helping me to see
That tasks You have awaiting me,
Do not need comprehension now,
If Your success would be allowed.

I’m glad the larger frame is now
Quite clear, yet we need not know how,
But rather enter in Your rest –
Participate, when we’re addressed.

Thanks Lord for this.