“First Mover Advantage” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11-1E (Matt.12:30;25:31-46; John Ch. 15; James 2:1-8; Eccl.9:11;; 4:12)

As first horse out the starting gate today
Is often horse that’s there to get its pay,
First movers in the market to try to gain
Huge market-share, to others it’s a pain.

Sun Tzu says if you sit amidst a group
Of groups, or countries, or could take a route
Such that you’d be first army on the scene,
You’d dominate, gain allies, which would mean –

You’d have the upper hand at break of day
Before the other armies came your way;
If that is you, make allies of the rest;
Be sure diplomacy sees needs addressed.

To penetrate a market at the first,
Advantage gives; in long-run it’s much worse
When you must take the things that others hold,
At least in business-sphere – so we are told.

I think of social media today,
Where Facebook and its ilk made no delay
In dominating social networks new
Then ramped the price up for the work they do.

Alliances are good, three twisted cords
Won’t break at once, which grouping up affords;
So unify; get others on your team;
Move fast, for larger numbers it will mean.

“If you’re not foe, then ally you must be”,
You said, Lord Jesus, so that says to me –
Build well and fast, for both mean victory;
But don’t sell out the Kingdom quality.

It speaks of fickle crowds, and numbers game;
Low standards, treating all folks much the same;
Of power plays to gain an earthly win;
And satan’s tactics, highway wide of sin.

For elsewhere you said, “If you’re not for Me,
Against Me you must be, which we’ll soon see;
Not everyone who gives lip-service here
Will be with Me once smoke and dust have cleared.”

Lord, that’s another reason we should ’bide
In You and You in us – stay by Your side;
For we get taken in, take others in –
So quickly get enamored with a win.

Help us to have more patience in our walk
In You; as we take actions, share our talk;
Not run ahead of God, wait patiently,
And in our haste abandon You for “me”.

Thanks Lord for this.