“The Instant Dream-Team” [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War#11-12A]

What does it take to generate at dream team overnight?
That is the “Secret sauce” that leaders search for left and right;
It’s simple, Sun Tzu points out, but the cost is ultimate –
Consider well, for what you ask, before a crucial fight.

The key is loss of hope; of all alternatives to life;
No way to extricate them from the right to finish fight;
When there is no escape, and there is nowhere else to go,
That’s when you get your dream-team – here’s some aspects you should know –

There seems to be a factor that’s been built into mankind;
It’s “desperation” triggers it; it stimulates the mind;
When we lose hope that we’ll survive, see end as coming nigh,
A change takes place within our being, knowing we’ll soon die.

Beware of stimulating that reaction in the foe;
Keep atmosphere some notches down from topmost he can go,
Or he will have the dream team, and quite well could clean your clock;
So ease ’er back; pour in the hope; and friendly make your talk.

For if you do not leave a space for him to make retreat,
You’ll stimulate his dream-team rising from such feelings deep;
If they can’t get extracted from the mess that they are in,
They’ll start to fight like cornered tigers – troubles will begin.

You need to make alternatives, regardless if they’re real,
For facing death right where they are you can’t their hearts than steal;
If you provide some place to go, desertions will be rife;
Their loss, your gain, they’ll much prefer to go home to their wife.

Some generals will use this fact to instant dream-team make –
They put their troops in such a place, and then all hope forsake;
Manipulative to the core – beware of evil one,
Who does that with no second thought, he views all that is fun.

So easing stress of those in pain and trouble from the foe,
Has added blessing just by giving folks some place to go;
The Kingdom-layer looks good when their alternative is death;
Not ultimate of course, but folks can get their second breath.

For troops will flee when death they see; retreat – they will desert
If they know there’s alternative, for such reprieve they’ll work;
Be sure to make escape a fact they all can plainly see,
Then far less viciousness you’ll find in other troops towards thee.

Of course, this factor God built into humans has its place –
When things go bad the best springs up in all of human race;
So we should give a second thought to what we ask of God,
For dream-team factors built in are, in all upon the sod.

The world appropriates this fact to generate a win –
In “Me-first” attitude, that sucks, this is where they begin;
They want the dream-team for themselves, just like that snake once said,
Back in the garden – “Have this fruit, by it you can be fed.”

But it’s a trap, too soon you’ll find in service of that foe,
You’ll be there on his dream-team, where you’ll lose all that you know;
But there’s a way out – always there – climb up on Kingdom-layer;
Desert old satan’s dream-team, answer to your desperate prayer.

Lord this stuff is so awesome as I look around today;
I thank you for your insight through what Sun Tsu has to say;
I had not thought of dream-team as an aspect of the fight
You have at hand in putting evil down and freeing right.

Thanks Lord for this.