“The Big Three” (Ephesians 4:13) [Reflections on Sun Tsu's Art Of War #11-19 – B]

So here Sun Tsu spells three things out
Which interact and flow about,
As armies cross a boundary line;
Not separately – it’s mixing time.

He speaks of “Nine grounds” once again,
And what he’d do to cut the pain,
Increase the chance of victory;
Speaks of his troops’ psychology.

For those three factors interface –
Nine grounds, two actions in this case
Come down to leaders and their men
Once they their options comprehend.

The ground can shift as they move on;
The plans at that point all are gone;
The men can rise to hopeful heights,
Or corner turn to desperate fights.

So like a dance, the players move,
The leaders and the led – removes
The certain comfort of control,
Replacing it with future goals.

How will the men react to ground?
How to the orders (daft or sound)?
How to their shifting circumstance?
Will they take up retreat, advance?

Then too, the enemy’s response
Is critical – too slow? At once?
Are they aware of what you do?
Or are they duped, completely fooled?

Lord, this is work I dare not do,
But what I hear is, it’s for You,
So stay in You and quick obey,
As we get orders of the day.

But be aware, as contexts shift
Responses best for each are missed
If our psychology is skewed,
Though You’re aware, it gets renewed –

At some point, early (hopefully),
But this is team – Your body we;
Though motley crew, at first, at least,
We grow to Your maturity.

So Kingdom-layer life I see
Has drills and mini-projects – we
Are being prepared for larger moves
Where You win out o’er satan’s views.

Lord, thanks for these three factors here,
And how you’ve helped to make it clear
That life is complex here and now,
And later on – as You show how –

It can be entered into now,
As You make clear the what and how;
Thanks for this thought-provoking tome,
Enriching, as it does, our homes.

Thanks Lord for this.