“What’s Going On?” (Withhold) [Sun Tsu series – general]

I’d like to know what’s going on –
Things aren’t quite right – I look upon
The world I’m in, it hostile is
Towards everyone, from every biz.

Take plumbing, carpentry, and such –
Cut corners, hide things with touch
Of paint and paper, plaster, shelf;
Things lie unseen, no one can tell –

Until it comes to reno-time
When nothing fits – replacements line
The store-shelves, standard parts that fit?
No way – dream on – what good is it?

I’m thinking – simplify it down;
Skip all the razzmatazz in town,
And keep it simple, Stu, I’d say,
And circumvent the toss-out way.

Or maybe live from garbage cans;
Don’t buy stuff new; stay secondhand;
And use residual there is
In land-fill, actions, barter biz.

A mess indeed this life-style ours –
Crept up on us to save us hours,
And press us to do this and that,
And that, and that, ’till we fall flat.

I find myself behind the wave,
Like surfer – there is no way to save;
Initiatives and project sits
Abandoned – can’t get rid of it.

The banks and credit cards play games
To gain their windfalls, much the same
As five galoot’s who milk the cow,
Play God, which power and cash allow.

Sun Tsu? Where does that fit in, Lord?
Please open eyes and ears to words
You have on trash-stupidity
That I might some way through this see.

“Stu, it’s okay, just press on, son;
You’ll be okay – once Sun Tsu’s done,
You’ll have a better view of this,
And how to pass on Heaven’s Kiss.

Thanks Lord for this.