“Home-Again-Home-Again-Trottedy-Trott” (Ephesians 6:12; Nehemiah chapter 1-6; Judges chapter 6-8) [Sun Tsu series 11 – 1A]

Sun Tsu said, “Mix-and-match” is key,
When art of war comes presently;
Give careful thought to land, and troops,
Advantages, and spread of groups.

When troops are near to hearth and home,
In battle-chaos they will roam
Back to their loved ones – they’ll disperse,
And scattered troops makes things much worse.

That’s why when chieftains squabble there,
It’s not good ground to fight – prepare
To skip the fighting, move elsewhere,
And unify troops in your care.

“Dispersive ground”, type one of nine –
Land interfaces with the mind;
The unity then separates
For troops head home – evaporate.

This speaks to me of Scottish clans
Who squabbled in their rocky lands;
The English too, forever fought,
Until the Tudors order brought.

To me, this highlights silliness
Of war – the troops dislike the mess,
Prefer the warmth of kith and kin,
To dying to some battle win.

But often, others start the fight,
Offended by some minor slight,
Which often is a cloak for greed,
Or power-grab they think they need.

So human nature on both sides
Brings war to forefront, as the tides
Come in, then ebb away once more,
With fresh debris strewn on the shore.

Lord, help us find a way to be
On Kingdom-layer, content with Thee,
And when the evil one stirs up
Fresh squabbles, making life here tough –

Help us abide in You each day;
Be guided on Your holy way;
To keep the evil aspect clear –
Not view as problem, folks ’round here.

One guy says draw them deeply in,
Where actions strong can there begin;
I’m hearing draw to Kingdom-turf
With the boundless love for “Adam-earth”.

Thanks Lord for this.