“Good For The Goose” (Matthew 5: 39, 41; John 15:13; 1 Corinthians 13; 1 John 3:16) [Sun Tsu series 1 – 1C]

For gander it is good, if it for goose is also good;
That much we all as kids absorbed, from parents understood;
Sun Tsu said, if it’s good for both, but other gets there first,
Do not attack, but head on out, or you will come out worst.

If you get there before he does, by all means seize the ground;
If he is smart, he will pull back, and have a look around;
If both are tied, Tsu does not say, but I would cautious be,
For scrapping over what is good might be a tragedy.

Sometimes what’s best for both gets wrecked for all before you’re done,
So find a better way to vict’ry see beneath the sun;
Back at the first, Sun Tsu said don’t destroy if you can save;
Though evil one thinks differently, and differently behaves.

One guy says he would hurry to bring elements from rear;
Another says to rush right in and seize what is so dear;
But all agree if other gets there first, do not attack –
This is a battle, not the war, so options neither lack.

I’m thinking back to job I did as fill-in at a church –
A longer stint was up for grabs, a young guy squeezed in first;
I then stepped back and let him win, to press ahead’s no good –
“He’s young”, I thought, “Why wreck things up?” – Now here I’ve understood –

Objective is his soul, long-term, and zeal for Kingdom-layer;
Which no one gets exclusively – so be a Kingdom-player;
Act in the way which Spirit shows, and leave the rest to Him;
He’ll work things out as best for all – let Kingdom-life begin!

“Contentious ground” is what it’s called, for both, terrain that’s “key”;
Society is full of these, both sides matched equally;
It is the basis of the sports with teams in major leagues,
Which draft and trade their players so each team might trophy see.

Folks like the competition, drag it out ’till final goal;
They pay big bucks to season watch, as hitting takes its toll;
Back in the days of Roman games, with gladiator fights,
Combatants fought for freedom, winner clocked out loser’s lights.

Sun Tsu would say such games are nuts – “Wake up and see for real –
Contention has a place in life, but this has ‘stupid’ feel;
Why not get on with living, save these guys to play a role
In serving freedom when some neighbor sets your land as goal.

Lord, thanks for this wee insight into how You play the game;
I’m slowly catching on as I this book of Sun Tsu tame;
I’d never understand how all this fits Your universe,
If Paul and Sun Tsu had not shared what now I turn to verse.

Thanks Lord for this.