“Border Crossing” (Matthew 10:14, 16; Luke 10:1ff) [Sun Tzu series 11 – 1B]

I find this part confusing is
For “Boundary-crossing” in my biz
Is solo-work, has been, at least
To date – before each storm’s released.

But that part comes in Chap. Thirteen
Where “Perfect Knowledge” is foreseen;
Where spies and scouts there romp and play
Like a James Bond movies in their day.

I’m hearing this is more “Attack”
With massive storm – commitment that
Has just begun – the border’s crossed,
With low commitment, still no cost.

“Light” is such ground, where mind meets land
It’s “Shallow”, “Facile”, “Frontiers” – and
It’s testing, in reality,
Results of spy-reports to Thee.

When passing in this first advance
Don’t stop; move on; you’ve got the chance
To put some miles beneath your feet,
Before you stiff-resistance meet.

This land’s controlled by someone else
Who’ll hostile be – not by himself
But with his forces in reserve
As soon as news you’ve come is heard.

Perhaps the biggest challenge here
Is having troops just disappear –
Get separated in this land,
Or wander off to make a stand.

So keep it tight, and move along;
Good place to sing your battle songs;
High hopes, and good morel throughout
The ranks – so give no room for doubt.

Lord, as I look at seven-two
(Your shift to southern country new),
Your Van – approached; disciples too,
Jerusalem now in Your view.

So you pressed on – Passover Plot
The boundary crossed, You preached and taught;
Healed those born blind; raised up the dead;
Then went to Zion, donkey-led.

You said at one point, “Shake the dust
From sandals, if from town you’re thrust;
Move on; move on – don’t hang around;
Find more receptive Spirit-ground”.

Lord, this is all new turf for me,
But now First Baptist Church I see –
I entered, watched and quietly
Took note ’till things came clear to me.

But, as I noted up above,
That’s more discernment part of love;
It’s still not finished – close I’d say –
So this stuff’s for a later day.

Thanks Lord for this.