Photography Related Poems

Volume I

A. The Fun And Games At Diagnosis Stage Section

Crossing Cultural Time - Dec/23/08 Words softened through media use by time.
Because It's Time - Dec.03/08 Artistic expression and foreshortened life from a cross cultural viewpoint.
The Lieutenant - Dec/19/08 Retirement parties as life-affirming events which, like film editing, edit out life's errors.
Costa Rica- Jan/07/09 The dangers and blessings of routine and freedom in life and art.

B. A Shift In Locus Of Control Section

"Getting Through Christmas" - Jan/22-23/09 Recovery of Joy and Laughter aspect of Photography - the best little me in the lake.
"A Shifted Point Of View" - Jan/23/09 Bless this earth with photographic kiss.
"C. V." - Jan/25/09 Get up off the deck - Photography - one of five techniques.
"Joyful, Joyful..." - Jan/26/09 Photography can be the one thing done different - make it joyful, substantial and strong.
"Resonances" - Feb/6/09 The deep multi-generational connections which we inherit and pass on.

C. A Shift In Locus Of Operation Section

"Frost On The Pain" - Feb/22/09 World afresh as I as a child saw it -New photographic POV - lightest gymnasts -- standing on a pyramid base - for all.
"Recovering Awe" - Feb/22/09 Open to kid's viewpoint and fresh "Awe".
"Mana" - Feb/24/09 People are wary of use of Photographic/Mana-connecting powers.
"Call To Commitment" - Feb/27/09 8 hours a day photography - artistic coffee house.
"The Gift" - Mar/06/09 Check the swerves for energy sources - trim the sail - as before as a child.
"Why Poetry?" - Feb/7/09 In response to a query, what to do with the poems? - poetry as half-way between an email and a photograph
"Crossing Cultural Lines (And Third Culture Kids)" - Mar/22-23/09 A review of the 90 poems to date surfaces the cultural crossing issue and its energy-sapping effects in relational areas of life.
"Forthright Authenticity" - Apr/07/09Freedom in speech/photography/art and action comes from forthright authenticity rather than pretense at perfection/external standards The reality which enables this is forgiveness.
"This Day "The (photo-depictable) treasure and challenge of a day I thought I'd never see.
"Panama " - Apr/15/09An account of an amazing man who made it through enormous challenges and now wishes to encourage others through (written) media.
"New Lease On Life " (End of the Costa Rica Trip)- Apr/19/09A reflection on the claim that sudden shifts to another venue have healing effects in light of this recient trip and the internet based media role in possible role in this.
"The Allergy In Perfection " - Apr/20/09A reflection on the root of interpersonal/inter-cultural conflict and its relolution in relation to the pursuit of excellence - a common phenomenon in the Photo-craft field
"Life-Giving Memory " - Apr/22/09Our use of the ordinary things that others don't have is refreshment to others often. Memory is implicit in photographs.

Re-integration Of Photography Into Life – In Relation To Cancer Section :

"The Tumblin' Roamin' catholic " - Apr/24/09-AMReflection just before the start of Art Therapy classes - and the role of stress and restlessness caused by cross cultural conflict in my life in relation to Cancer - and the possible place of Photography in its resolution
"Rip Van Winkle " - Apr/24/09-AMA reflection on the challenges of returning to workforce /society after an illness or absence - and the relative value of inner and outer development / obsolescence from technological change - Just before the start of Art Therapy Classes.
"The Week In Between " - Apr/24/09-PMReflection after the first Art Therapy group meeting on the personal agenda of using the classes as a locus of integrating former photographic medium of expression into the current medical challenge as a means of personal expression.
"The Picture Lived " - May/02/09The challenges and rewards encountered when doing/experiencing group therapy across cultures, reflections on the Cree vs. English approaches to Group Therapy, and my particular preference for the Cree approach.Photography and communication styles are connected, both need coming home from exile.
"A Watercolor " - May/03/09 As I prepare for week three's paint medium, I paarediate the blurred softness of watercolors adn words when considering a friend's loss of a family pet.
"Ooops... " - May/05/09 The problem of not seeing owing to knowing – A reflection on a missed appointment and the problems of miscommunication, error, and human frailty.
"Four Steps Behind " - May/05/09 A tongue-in-cheek look at medical waiting lists : the service issue that must be addressed in in all walks of life, including photography...timliness.
"First Anniversary Of Diagnosis" - May/08/09Art Therapy's profound impact on the first anniversary of diagnosis; cross cultural tension aspect seen. The dynamic of symbolism in the mind adn art.
"My Mistake Last Week" - May/09/09Recognigtion of the sexual side of colon Cancer, and some subtle mental connections personally with an earlier life-incident, which go beyond the cross-cultural dynamic. The symbolism in art and the mind.
"Don't Be Afraid" - May/10/09 Artistic expression is dangerous. Some benefits of the dynamic uncovered in art therapy and some details of the earlier precipitating incident with reference to the discovery of TCK dynamic while in exile from community.
"The Creenglish Side Of Freedom" - May/10/09Reflection on the cross-cultural stressor factor and its distinction from race. An outsider's perspective is helpful in photographic seeing.
"The Picture" - May/10/09The challenge and benefit of giving and receiving feedback in group work (art therapy). People from various cultures have amazing insights and perception.
"Perspective" - May/10/09Some reflections on anger and its inhibiting effects in any culture.
"Inside Looking out" - May/11/09A current incident on the internet of site-abuse and its implications for open and honest sharing in a troubled world in the global village. A problem in picture abuse and theft as well.
"Lying Down In Green Pastures - Expressions In Clay" - May/16/09 Midpoint in Art Therapy - the challenge o fpressing forward through the wall to integration of Photography in this present situation of cancer.
"Inside-Outside" - May/20/09 Reflection on life outside community. What is there? what is there to photograph?
"The Presence" - May/20/09 Still life pictures speak of what is just outside the frame. Two pictures and what lies between them - a reflection on integrety of thought and life, and taking a chance on people...and its effects.
"This Wrinkled Clay" - May/23/09The experience of photographing a clay piece in virtual black and white brings yet another piece of photography "home"
"The Sun, The Moon, And The Stars" (A Costa Rican Expression) " - May/25/09Grappling with the effects of secondary medical bad news and the faces of fellow travelers on this journey. A pun morphs to possible resolution, art therapy indeed.
"Testosterone At 60 " - May/26/09From teen years, males like to arrive under's sexier. Photo Power is just an example.

The Start of Stu-Art Output Section :

"Communion " - May/26/09 The power of symbols - written, photographed, or acted out, is not necessarily permanent, shifts as life moves on, and frequently needs refreshing.
"Four Things We Need - 1 - Daily Bread " - May/26/09Jesus suggested that we need to ask for 4 things on a daily basis. Food, purchased through (photographically) earned money, is so vital to live in every culture.
"Four Things We Need - 2 - Forgiveness" - May/26/09Jesus suggested that we need to ask for 4 things on a daily basis. Forgiveness is a large part of life at the boundaries of cultures, as a stress reducer. Pick up a camera in today's world and pretty soon you are going to need forgiveness.
"Four Things We Need - 3 - Deliverance From Temptation" - May/26/09Jesus suggested that we need to ask for 4 things on a daily basis. Photography is the temptation business...for good or ill.
"Four Things We Need - 4 - Deliverance From Evil " - May/26/09 Jesus suggested that we need to ask for 4 things on a daily basis. Evil seem to be prevalent amongst the poor and culturally marginalized, raising the issue of what gets photographed and for whom, and for what purposes.
"Tempo In The Town" - May/28/09 Art has a tempo. Finding and addressing the cultural and sub-cultural tempos around us is key to harmonious and stress-free living.
"Second Careers" - May/28/09Though cycles of obsolescence have increased stress and decreased the opportunity to hone crafts, modern life has also given time for second careers in the period of extended life span.
"Acceptance" - May/28/09A reflection of acquisition and preservation of artifacts (tools / junk), and its relationship to hearing "I love you" in one "love language".
"On Keeping On Keeping On" - May/30/09The cyclic nature of the cancer roller-coaster with it's ups and downs and downward spiral, depicted on a YouTube item, keeps centering around the issue of how best to spend the remaining time, and how hating one's road hastens death.
"Victory Lap" - May/30/09The themes of photo expression (now freed through art therapy) and leaving a trail, merge with the experience of doing a victory lap in an earlier bad experience even while things looked bleak.
" 'How Then Will Jesus Get Down?' " - May/31/09 The role of images in health is well documented. - An image given in story time at Church gave a young mother a tool with which to raise her child, with a mystery for him to grow up into - not all images need to be understood to be effective, sometime its power is in its mystery. First Nations know this well for example in the vision quest phenomenon.
"O Lord Your Spirit" - May/31/09Mid Week healing refreshment of a music leader at the lake prior to leading worship. Photography can lead one into similar contexts.
"Third Layer" - May/31/09Yet another layer of the traumatic "onion" is peeled back and examined. This layered pain with its interconnections is conducive to artistic output.
"Fifty-one Percent" - June/1/09Getting organized on limited energy is a chore which has cultural implications based on perceptions of time. Medical treatments and conditions effect the picture too. Making time for artistic upgrading and output.
"Blessing From Pain" - June/2/09 Word-pictures from a visit to a river sanctuary with a realization that as good comes after the flood, so good can come out of pain.
"The Painter" - June/5/09 Any art-form can have the added benefits of message carrying in difficult situations.
"John" - June/5/09 Dreams have a large part to play in all art forms.
"The Choice" - June/6/09 Nothing like having to make a simulated choice to clarify one's resolved issue s...Photographing beautiful scenes and people is much preferred to riding around the desert on a horse (whether it has a name or not).
"Who Is This Man?" - June/7/09 Reflection on a word portrait of a distant acquaintance. There are unexpected benefits when we reach out to strangers with quiet accepting generosity.
"Having Gone" - June/7/09 The imperative to mentor / disciple others in life as we ourselves go about life wherever that may be, whatever we may do, including photography.
"Location's False Promise" - June/7/09A reflection on the need to live (as a photographer) in the present with a focus on people rather than place or task, as living authentically, with joy is winsome to others. The whirl of life provides sufficient shift of location.
"The Unteachables " - June/16/09 Photography is a self-learning sport. Reflection on my formal education and the "teacher-researchers" who inhabit that institutional system. My love of learning but dislike of the downside behavior of people with that particular motivational gift and their negative legacy.
"The Picture Window " - June/18/09 The theme of Sex and its connection to photography and cancer explored as the puzzle resolves and photography re-enters my life-stream once more.

F. Concluding Poem of Volume I

" 'The Play's The Thing' " - June/25/09 A mini-play set on a children's cancer ward. Uses media to convey the concept that in giving of ourselves we come to be, (seen particularly in the face of our own death).

Volume II

From Conclusion Section (# 172-209):

" The Quarterback " - July/10/09Inspiration gained by another person facing MS to move on in a life of small business like photography.
" 'The Triumph Of Hope Over Reality' " - July/12/09Reflectin on an incident when reading the story of the death of John the Baptist in church. Differing uses of photographs, writing and media in differing types of ministry.
" Resonances " - July/15/09Reflection on Metis Poet Gregory Scofield's Poetic readings. Reference to how Metis People can speak into the lives of both Dominant and First Nations groups even though those two groups might feel mutual animosity and therefore cannot hear directly from each other. Reference to felt impetus to press on with publication of my own work, both written and photographic.
" If You Had Fifty Days To Live " - July/17/09 Using the image of counting the 50 days an "Omar" (bushel) of barley grew from Passover to Pentecost, the question is raised as to what one could grow in one's life in such a period if that was all that remained of life, and reflection on using that period as a structural period for units of time within a year...for writing and photography projects.
" Freedom's Choice " - July/19/09 Use of media in creating healthy communities in which to grow, and the power of choice of response which cannot be removed from us.
" The Snap Of Others' Work " - July/22/09 Dropping stress by stopping inappropriate involvement in other people's lives including indirectly through media.
" Lies' Eyes " - July/24/09 Honesty whether in facing death or living relationships (directly or mediated) in community is refreshing and health giving.
" Some Serve" - July/24/09 The powerful effects of (often unseen) people who help in recovery of health by linking people together for mutual support. The untold stories in media.
"Pandemic Of Silence" - July/26/09 A Dream (like a movie treatment) of pandemic with handful of survivors raises questions of forming new future life for humanity, within which are implications for our smaller scale life after cancer.
"Silence In Economics" - July/26/09 Prayer for those engaged in the economic system , especially our children, who often live beyond our day to day presence in the Global village. Reference to people trapped in the system, (which media can play a role in freeing).
"Isaiah's Band" - July/26/09 The clash of cultures within a Canadian church. Symbols and reality can often disengage.
"Making Peace" - July/26/09 A visit to the peace gardens and its symbols of peace, with its new addition of the material from ground zero of World Trade center attack. The clash of cultures, the inter-gift/culture allergy, and the way peace is made and maintained.
"Saying Grace" - July/26/09 A couple crosses cultures to build orphanages in Kenya as an expression of their faith in light of the pandemic of AIDS there. The stuff of which movies are made.
"Avocation" - July/31/09 The assistance gained in sorting out vocation from avocation in making community contributions (in this case a cross-cultural missions effort, including making progress-photos fothe project) within which one has no or little say, but works under another's direction.
"TGIS (Thank God It's Sunday)" - August/2/09 Shifts in the type of work bring exhaustion, especially out of one's strength areas, for which a day off each week is welcome relief. It increases both productivity and creativity.
"Forty Years" - August/2/09 A look back and forwards at the time of the fortieth anniversary of our engagement. And a marriage in which photographic production was a part.
"Brandon's New Bridge" - August/2/09 A reflection on the third anniversary of the insight into my "Third Culture Kid" experience, and the cross-cultural / bridging role (in part photographic) that is emerging for myself out of that reality, at the time when Brandon itself is getting a new road bridge.
"To Love Again" - August/2/09 A reflection on the welcome restoration of stressed relationships after both sickness and extended period of stress in relationships like marriage which seems to involve periods of both "better and worse" for many of us. Breakdown of communication (compared to one person on the other side of the moon) is a tough aspect of life to deal with.
"Without Constraint" - August/3/09 Reflection on the shortage of time for (photo/written) art for working people in relation to the shortage of time caused by Cancer. Reference to the life choices which emerge when cancer repriorizes life after recovery.
"First Job" - August/4/09 Reflection back to my first job and two sermons encouraging me to move forward despite the past. A snapshot of wholesome life.
" A Creenglish Look At Kenya" - August/8/09 Reflection on Kenya's orphan problem and the social side of medicine writ large. Reference to one project in this area which I photographed.
"A Change In Style" - August/6-9/09 Reflections on the source of income in relation to types of ministry.
"What Is This Child's Name?" - August/10/09 Reflection on the death of one of the orphans in the project I was assisting. Reference to the role of media in conveying such situations to the public in the global village.
Hope In Small Packages - August/11/09 Reflection on budgeting of limited money,time and energy within a larger skewed economic context, and the source of hope for small players within such a reality. Reference to media's ole in perpetuating a "winner take all" economic philosophy.
Two Languages Of Love - August/11/09 Reflection on whose love language gets used...that of the giver or the receiver. Reference to media in form of greeting cards.
‘Map’ - The Code For ‘Books’ - August/13/09 Reflection on the meaning of "books" to me (its 'code'). Reference to role of photography in bookmaking for me.
The Workman - August/14/09 A reflection on the code for tools work and call as viewed cross culturally.
The Workman - August/14/09 A reflection on the code for tools work and call as viewed cross culturally. Reference to the difference between tools of a hobby photographer and a professional.
“Over-against” - August/14/09 A poetic reflection on the approaching third anniversary of realization I am a TCK, with implications for my writing. Reference to the use of clay modeling for character differentiation with or without photography.
"The Deep Longing Of My Soul" - August/15/09 A poem reflecting on initial priorities - the First Nations Learning style project emerges (of which photography wa an integral part).
"Dim The Rear-View Mirror" - August/15/09 Reflection on inter dependant gifts and the power of an earlier project in getting people on with their lives. Photography referred to as a part of this process.
"Our Goodbyes" - August/16/09 Reflection on losses due to the breakups of friends. Not all losses are medical, but often take place amidst our own medical journey of loss - life goes on. Memories and photographs are similar.
"Habdalah - Letting Go" - August/16/09 Habdalah is the ceremony ending the day of rest each week, and the start of a new week for Jews. A reflection on the ending of holidays and fresh start to a new (photo) work year.
"The Butterfly" - August/18/09 The concluding poem of this set of poems as I return to (photo-related) work. Reflection on the transformation I have felt in myself through this journey compared to the actual experience of death and resurrection, both spiritual and physical.