Finance Related Poems

Volume I

A. The Fun And Games At Diagnosis Stage Section

The Doctor - Oct/30/08 Dynamics of giving and receiving grace.
Alzheimer's - Oct/30/08 Retirement issues - unable to complete our jobs due to health issues and the financial side of the process.
The Church - Oct/30/08 The call on unexpended resources in later life from unexpected places.
NCI Chat - Nov/18/08 Our help to others has a multiplier effect which outstirps Cancer's similar geometric growth curve.
Logical Confinement - Nov/22/08 The resources of ancient word can set people free in their businesses.
The Time For Every Purpose Under Heaven - Nov/24/08 Financial counsel requires detachment, and tough love as and when required.
The End of the System-Mistress - Dec.02/08 Society's withdrawal of funds to enforce compliance with its ways.
Tina - Dec.06/08 Be fair to all. Give resources to the other if there is insufficient for both to survive.
Giving Honor - Dec/08/08 The problem of selfishness and scorn amongst the medics and the need for a change of heart.
Beside Still Waters - Dec/09/08 The need to restore our souls in tumult, for His name's sake.
The Encourager - Dec/09/08 What I do in the area of (financial) advising.
The Vanguard - Dec/11/08 The ones I aspire to be amongst in the area of (financial) advising/counseling.
Short-Field Take-Off - Dec/11/08 How to do (financial) advising.
Spring Breakup - Dec/11/08 For richer and poorer -- reciprocal relations in life - prayer for time to balance things out.
Future Present - Dec/11/08 Living in the present without financial worries - coping in life with few resources.
Morning Prayer - Dec/11/08 Being a (financial) example to others.
Statistical Pain - Dec/16/08 The need for allowance for failure and weakness in (financial) advising.
Shop Floor Transformation - The Woman From India - Dec/17/08 Catching folks who fall through the economic/financial system.
The Lieutenant - Dec/19/08 Retirement parties celebrate life with errors cut away like film editing to bring out the best in a story.
Dare I To Hope - Dec/20/08 The need for and role of hope in (financial) recovery/healing process.
Dreams - Dec/22/08 Reflections on the role of possessions in life when faced with life's (premature) end.
"Breakfast" To The Chicken And The Pig - Dec/23/08 Possible use of financial tools to address medics' snotty and therefore dangerous attitudes.
Crossing Cultural Time - Dec/23/08 The possible use of media in time delaying the passing on of (financial) truth, thereby softening the message enough to be heard.
Community - Dec/24/08 The creative tension between community and personal agendas (and resources) in a world of "King of the Mountain".
Christmas 1946 - Dec/25/08 Cree giving and the interface of two cultures has enriched my life's meaning.
His Fleet - Dec/28/08 My role (in financial-economic area) as I research and post results - but more importantly live them as I am copied rather than followed.
Of What Remains? - Dec/29/08 Aspects of residual resources at life's end - and what really endures being the non-temporal / non-physical aspects - our real legacy.
The "ology" of "Med'sun" - Dec/31/08 The Exit Voice and Loyalty perspective (here in the health care system) relates to systemic / institutional evil in the finance areas too.
Borderland Delight - Jan/01/09The psychic space of my research and data write-up methods and processes as a crash-test-dummy (eg in the finance area).
The Heat Pump - Jan/01/09 My process of reversal and mediated sharing with "explosive" results - time delayed till ready.
Our Day - Jan/07/09 There's grace that comes in (financial) waiting time for us.
The Competitor - Jan/07/09Competition's good side, Socialism's weakness, and the challenge to live a life of integrity and quality.
Costa Rica - Jan/07/09Routine and freedom - both are applicable in business/finance/art worlds.
The Swordsman - Jan/07/09 On making learning fun and age-relevant
The Twister's Eye - Jan/09/09 Waiting for good/bad news - Uncertainty of external high-stakes decisions - there's live and grace in the eye of a (financial) hurricane before the second wall hits.

B. A Shift In Locus Of Control Section

"The Survivor" - Jan/11-12/09 People want to be the oppressor and money is the tool to do so. It is called a political economy because all money decisions are social and therefore political (persuasion based).
"Communion" - Jan/11/09 We like to play God but lack the power and resource necessary to do so. We cannot meet everyone's needs alone.
"Two Tears For The Healthcare System...Hip Hip..." - Jan/21/09 There are 2 financial tiers. the socialists and capitalists are lined up in opposing ditches shooting at each other across the road rather than walking up the road that lies between them together.
"Getting Through Christmas" - Jan/22-23/09 Reference to the faith walk in the area of finance. The need to be a Giver-Financier per gifts born with.
"Faith" - Jan/23/09 Agriculture, Master Card and euthanasia.
"More" - Jan/23/09 Quality vs quantity in the acquisition of money and time.
"Derby Fanfare" - Jan/23/09 Risk, and hope in small packages, in both gambling and business decisions. My location at the time.
"The Windows Of My Soul" - Jan/23/09The emergence of the finance theme for me is definitely fourth window stuff, seen by me only after art therapy 5 months after this was written.
"Rural Chapel" - Jan/23/09 Urban based agriculture is on the rise. Owing to urban migration, there is an insufficient economic base to support Churches during this economic crisis exactly when they are needed.
"A Shifted Point Of View" - Jan/23/09 The finance world from a near-death perspective, as content for my photos and mediated output.
"Terminal Generation" - Jan/25/09 Roles of and strengths of cross/same gender parental influences in families (in the finance area) per Jung.
"C. V." - Jan/25/09 Acquisition and loss segments of life. My task as not seen yet. Get up off the deck and be available and trained and equipped to act in the "now" of life.
"Joyful, Joyful..." - Jan/26/09 My reprieve - shifts in significance of life-aspects (eg finance) and bad aspects of the culture diminish. The emergence of priorities.
"Flight" - Jan/27/09 Flight as an example of moving into life after a reprieve, (as with the financial area).
"I sCream For What?" - Jan/28/09Cash and Christ acrostic reflection - and the stages of freedom in the finance world as a Christian.
"The Tapestry" - Jan/29/09 The pruning of activities as focus increases after reprieve - and the emphasis on 'tone' or 'color' added to the 'yarn' which we are, which God then weaves into a tapestry with others.
"The Cobra And The Mongoose" - Jan/29/09 The need for body life in business lest we get sick, week, then die. The allergic problem, and the need to change the direction flow.
"Imperfection" - Jan/31/09 The challenge of new life in a new (yet undefined) (and still pristine) field (of finance) in an imperfect world as an imperfect person.
"Connections" - Feb/4/09 Occupational finance is one of the three main themes in life which, when we are culturally centered, feeds us in our life work.
"Resonances" - Feb/6/09 Culture codes / Jungian archetype items are interwoven in our financial life and run through family and cultural lines.
"ATCK" (Adult Third Culture Kid) - Feb/7/09 Escape from second-rate choices which have powerful subconscious drives, and God's assurance that there are other ways He has which honor family and other commitments.
"Credibility" - Feb/7/09 The bias of personal /financial gain frequently supports an erroneous interpretation.
"Why Poetry?" - Feb/7/09 The nature of the media I choose to express my (financial) reflections with and its relative merits.
"Over The Wall" - Feb/11/09 We are freed to pass on assistance to others, not to pay back redeemers. The role of confrontation in healthy team life / interdependent life.
"Louis Riel Day (Indian Health Care Song)" - Feb/16/09Reflection on a two-tiered financial system and the health care system within it.

C. A Shift In Locus Of Operation Section

"Frost On The Pain" - Feb/22/09 Reflection on reprieve from lower decks of two-tiered system, and feelings of drive to victory on that base of humanity - for all.
"Recovering Awe" - Feb/22/09 Walking with the next and coming generation as they too discover the rich beauty of the natural world (and the world of finance too)
"Between A Rock And A Card Place" - Feb/24/09Our fragile house built on credit cards and environmental degradation. Both get stopped cold with the diagnosis of cancer. A reprieve sets us free to help clean up the mess.
"Mana" - Feb/24/09 People stone rather than pay prophets, artists and priests - those who attach Mana to objects and dynamics of life.
"Call To Commitment" - Feb/27/09 Poker expression of "all in" re: the resources and time for "one last venture" in life and "church renewal" as a possible option.
"The Gift" - Mar/06/09 Trimming the sail in terms of time and resources maximizes resource use when time is short.
"First Anniversary" - Mar/10/09 Our energy and health profoundly affect our ability to move forward in the business world.
"The Living And The Dead" - Mar/12/09 Pruning of life, focus, resources to what is meaningful as it is from the roots that resources come to connected branches.
"Slippage" - Mar/13/09 Put the source of slippage of resources into the jar first when you're not on top of your game.
"Lonesome Valley" - Mar/15/09 We all walk blind as to our end, known factors fine but best to get on with one's life despite them.
"Vacated Space" - Mar/17/09 Pruning and focusing of life-resources in order to weather a (health) storm so as to sail another day.
"Lilliput" - Mar/19-21/09 Social context of individual success and blessing that comes on the way as we assist others to get going - as others did for us.
"Isaiah : Second Edit of Readers' Theater" - Mar/21/09Put yourself out to help the unlovely or unworthy as we also have been loved to bring about life in the other person.
"Crossing Cultural Lines (And Third Culture Kids)" - Mar/22-23/09 Brief reference to the Giver Financier gift suppression by my family of origin. The cultural connection freed up also frees to get at that area of operation.
"To Mentor" - Mar/28/09 Finance related poems as a theme have actually left and unexpected paper trail and a new focus for me.
"Now" - Apr/02/09 There is a shift from inward to outward, not for self but for unseen others, as days come to an end.
"Genetic Train" - Apr/06/09 The challenge to complete our tasks having come this far.
"Income vs. Outgo" - Apr/09/09 Being fixed enables us to help others (eg in finance area).
"The Transition (Start Of Costa Rica Trip) " - Apr/13/09 The cultural norms (eg of finance) need learning - a costly school of hard knocks.
"The Substantiating of Things Hoped For" - Apr/15/09 Finding a reason to live when days are short, and to live life together - now with finance aspects on the rise.
"Incidents In Our Paths " - Apr/16/09 The plight of the needy and our response. Money's essential meaning. Helping others to attach Mana to objects and dynamics for exchange purposes.
"Systemic Sin " - Apr/17/09 Theft and fraud - cash without Mana act and the root of systemic sin.
"Our Capacity To Love " - Apr/18/09 Tip cups over to turn into pipes and make resources flow through them outward.
"New Lease On Life " (End of the Costa Rica Trip)- Apr/19/09 Customs agents and the home culture
"The Allergy In Perfection " - Apr/20/09 Need for interdependent excellence for life to work. Balance is in the community. The allergy problem and its resolution.
"Life-Giving Memory" - Apr/22/09 Our lost/missing capacities accentuate our awareness of how others are using them.

D. Re-integration Of Photography Into Life – In Relation To Cancer Section :

"The Tumblin' Roamin' catholic " - Apr/24/09-AM Reflection: I have a view of finance different from both Cree and the dominant culture.
"Ambassador Of Friendship " - Apr/24/09-AM Recalling names in business networking.
"Rip Van Winkle " - Apr/24/09-AM Costs and benefits of being out of the workforce for a while.
"That Pesky End Of Time " - Apr/25/09 Keeping our perspective in our big/little end-time financial crises.
"Second Chance " - Apr/30/09 Cross-cultural response to (financial) crises. Call experience part 2 - financial world.
"The Pebble In Our Shoe " - Apr/31/09 Courage regarding the financial and human cost of cancer.
"The Picture Lived " - May/02/09 Don't shirk your lessons in training you will meet them (ie. yourself) in the workforce.
"Four Steps Behind " - May/05/09 Scalping appointment date tickets for the doctor.
"First Anniversary Of Diagnosis" - May/08/09 We waste resources pretending and covering our tracks.
"Don't Be Afraid" - May/10/09 Reference to garnisheed wages and Tax department reaction. Abuse of M&S money.
"Perspective" - May/10/09 Anger can be a resource for living.
"Inside Looking out" - May/11/09 Reference to 3 rules for risk taking.
"Managing Losses" - May/17/09 Losses in the second half of life are standard. Treasure in Heaven. Easier to let it go than have it taken.
"Inside-Outside" - May/20/09 Question of what Echoland aspects are worth sharing and which are bigger than I am so I have to grow up into them in the sharing (like finance)
"The Presence" - May/20/09 All life is a gamble. Invest in People.
"This Wrinkled Clay" - May/23/09 The cost of speaking in public, for me, is less so when media are used.
"Many Hands " - May/25/09 The efficiency of high-quality teamwork
"The Sun, The Moon, And The Stars" (A Costa Rican Expression) " - May/25/09 3 John:2 prayer for prosperity and health and the link between them.
"Testosterone At 60 " - May/26/09 Power is appealing to people all through life and this can affect their judgment.

E. The Start of Stu-Art Output Section :

"Communion " - May/26/09 God's salt light and leaven on the financial aspects of life.
"Four Things We Need - 1 - Daily Bread " - May/26/09 Need for daily sustenance and our abuse of it.
"Four Things We Need - 2 - Forgiveness" - May/26/09 Daily forgiveness for selfish ways.
"Four Things We Need - 3 - Deliverance From Temptation" - May/26/09 Daily deliverance from taking shortcuts and twisting truth.
"Four Things We Need - 4 - Deliverance From Evil " - May/26/09 Deliverance from evil massive or benign (theft, shoddy goods, greed, etc).
"Second Death" - May/27/09 Blending our resources and power with those of God. Freedom from dying to world ahead of time.
"Tempo In The Town" - May/28/09 People's tempo clashes/matches with that of cultures and sub-cultures eg. business.
"Second Careers" - May/28/09 Second careers are possible when our capacity exceeds our tasks.
"Acceptance" - May/28/09 The problem of residual goods at the end of life. Filling the hole of non-acceptance with acquisition.
"On Keeping On Keeping On" - May/30/09 Reference to cancer fund raiser. Locus of "what next?" - finance?
"Victory Lap" - May/30/09 Finance - the lap of victory work perhaps. Photographically expressed?
"Wind Of The Spirit" - May/31/09 Fundraising context for cancer research - power seen in dust storm and related to life.
"O Lord Your Spirit" - May/31/09 The refreshing Cambrian shield natural resources empowers and quiets us.
"Third Layer" - May/31/09 Much of trauma in people lives is caused by people's continual power struggles in the big world eg here for me.
"Fifty-one Percent" - June/1/09 The overload and the need to strip clown to core activities - eg finance.. Reference t BU's seniors discount.
"Blessing From Pain" - June/2/09 Good sanctuary made from spring flood.
"The Painter" - June/5/09 Social context of individual achievement. Causal connections in life.
"John" - June/5/09 Mini-portrait of my Giver-Financier brother.
"The Choice" - June/6/09 Start of the emergence of the financial work as a focus activity. A choice already made. Freed to be an Encourager/Giver-financier.
"Who Is This Man?" - June/7/09 Quiet hospitality - a gift with blessings.
"Having Gone" - June/7/09 We are like seeds in the world, planted where He wants after He has cleaned us up Let the swirl carry us around and live in the here and now wherever that turns out to be.
"Location's False Promise" - June/7/09 There's a lot of (financial) pain in the world. Don't forget to laugh.
"The Antidote" - June/13/09 People are spenders or savers, but both need to address the issue of direction of flow. They need each other, despite their mutual allergy.
" 'I Don't Need You...' " - June/13/09 People and goods pile up when pushed to the sidelines and both look deeper for their being there.
"The '-Ology' Of Cash " - June/13/09 A tongue-in-cheek suggestion of how a study of money by the poor might solve some finance problems in the area of poverty.
"Things " - June/14,16/09 Reflection on Ten Commandments having two ways of presentation one emphasizing God and one emphasizing coveting.
"Money's Use " - June/19/09 Reflection on the Cost of this last round o(of Cancer) and the use of money in my life.
"Redemption " - June/23/09 Spiritual growth can take place even in midst of a squabble over natural resources.

F. Concluding Poem of Volume I

" 'The Play's The Thing' " - June/25/09 A mini-play set on a children's cancer ward. Reference to starting at the bottom, with volunteer activities.

Volume II

From Conclusion Section (# 172-209):

" 2-4-6-8 " - July/4/09 Reflection on the clash between Scottish and Cree outlooks on life in regards to proactive striving, particularly in the finance area of life.
" The Quarterback " - July/10/09Inspiration gained by another person facing MS to move on in life, as he carried on his small business with MS.
" 'The Triumph Of Hope Over Reality' " - July/12/09Reflectin on an incident when reading the story of the death of John the Baptist in church. Reference to today's method of execution being removel of livelihood.
" A Week Now Since His Quiet Laugh " - July/17/09 Visit to referring doctor. Need to keep stress down in relation to recurrence of cancer. Reference to need to support family and beware of needless conflict that threatens jobs.
" If You Had Fifty Days To Live " - July/17/09 Using the image of counting the 50 days an "Omar" (bushel) of barley grew from Passover to Pentecost, the question is raised as to what one could grow in one's life in such a period if that was all that remained of life, and reflection on using that period as a structural period for units of time within a year.
" Freedom's Choice " - July/19/09 Use of media in creating healthy communities in which to grow, and the power of choice of response which cannot be removed from us. Reference to financial loss often involved in such activity.
" The Snap Of Others' Work " - July/22/09 Dropping stress by stopping inappropriate involvement in other people's lives. Reference to the school of hard knocks.
" Lies' Eyes " - July/24/09 Honesty whether in facing death or living (business) relationships in community is refreshing and health giving.
" Some Serve" - July/24/09 The powerful effects of (often unseen) people who help in recovery of health by linking people together for mutual support, both as a job and voluntarily.
"Pandemic Of Silence" - July/26/09 Dream of pandemic with handful of survivors raises questions of forming new future life for humanity, within which are implications for our smaller scale life after cancer. (eg. what form will the economy take?)
"Silence In Economics" - July/26/09 Prayer for those engaged in the economic system , especially our children, who often live beyond our day to day presence in the Global village.
"Isaiah's Band" - July/26/09 The clash of cultures within a Canadian church, with financial hardship following for all concerned..
"Making Peace" - July/26/09 A visit to the peace gardens with its new addition of the material from ground zero of World Trade center attack. The clash of cultures, the inter-gift/culture allergy, and the way peace is made and maintained. Reference to the clash over oil.
"Saying Grace" - July/26/09 A couple crosses cultures to build orphanages by selling their home to raise funds for building and selling homes in Manitoba and transferring the profits to construction projects in Kenya. as an expression of their faith in light of the pandemic of AIDS there.
"Avocation" - July/31/09 The assistance gained in sorting out vocation from avocation in making community contributions (in this case volunteering in a cross-cultural missions effort) within which one has no or little say, but works under another's direction.
"TGIS (Thank God It's Sunday)" - August/2/09 Shifts in the type of work bring exhaustion, especially out of one's strength areas, for which a day off each week is welcome relief. Such refreshement pays off in added productivity.
"Forty Years" - August/2/09 A look back and forwards at the time of the fortieth anniversary of our engagement. Reference to it not always going well financially.
"Brandon's New Bridge" - August/2/09 A reflection on the third anniversary of the insight into my "Third Culture Kid" experience, and the cross-cultural / bridging role that is emerging for myself out of that reality, at the time when Brandon itself is getting a new road bridge between two warring groups in the New World based on economic injustice..
"To Love Again" - August/2/09 A reflection on the welcome restoration of stressed relationships after both sickness and extended period of (often financial) stress in relationships like marriage which seems to involve periods of both "better and worse" for many of us.
"Without Constraint" - August/3/09 Reflection on the shortage of time for art for working people in relation to the shortage of time caused by Cancer. Reference to the life choices which emerge when cancer repriorizes life after recovery. Reference to a product for mana exchange within the body of humanity.
"First Job" - August/4/09 Reflection back to my first job and two sermons encouraging me to move forward despite the past. Reference to provisioning along the way.
" A Creenglish Look At Kenya" - August/8/09 Reflection on Kenya's orphan problem and the social side of medicine writ large. Reference to the role and challenges of giving in international projects.
"A Change In Style" - August/6-9/09 Reflections on the source of income in relation to types of ministry.
"What Is This Child's Name?" - August/10/09 Reflection on the death of one of the orphans in the project I was assisting. Reference to gifts given too late to be received.
Hope In Small Packages - August/11/09 Reflection on budgeting of limited money,time and energy within a larger skewed economic context, and the source of hope for small players within such a reality.
Two Languages Of Love - August/11/09 Reflection on whose love language gets used...that of the giver or the receiver.
‘Map’ - The Code For ‘Books’ - August/13/09 Reflection on the meaning of ‘books’ to me (its ‘code’). Reference to my first money earned as selling a newlsetter I'd made door to door (quickly shut down by my mom).
The Workman - August/14/09 A reflection on the code for tools work and call as viewed cross culturally.
“Over-against” - August/14/09 A poetic reflection on the approaching third anniversary of realization I am a TCK, with implications for my writing. Reference to the workplace as locus for discovery and exclusion, as well as future work-life utilizing the new reality.
"The Deep Longing Of My Soul" - August/15/09 A poem reflecting on initial priorities in work life - the First Nations Learning style project emerges.
"Dim The Rear-View Mirror" - August/15/09 Reflection on inter dependant gifts and the power of an earlier project in getting people on with their lives. Reference to need for financial and practical help as well as words.
"Our Goodbyes" - August/16/09 Reflection on losses due to the breakups of friends. Not all losses are medical, but often take place amidst our own medical journey of loss - life goes on. Reference to farewell after nasty business termination.
"Habdalah - Letting Go" - August/16/09 Habdalah is the ceremony ending the day of rest each week, and the start of a new week for Jews. A reflection on the ending of holidays and fresh start to a new work year.
"The Butterfly" - August/18/09 The concluding poem of this set of poems. Reflection on the transformation I have felt in myself through this journey compared to the actual experience of death and resurrection, both spiritual and physical. Reference to deliverance from push and shove aspects of all cultures.