“The Pride Of Place And Power” (1Cor.15:24-28;Lk.2:52; 2Cor.12:07;Gen.32:22-32;Jn.7:1-13; Saul: !Sam.Ch. 11-18 etc) [Spanish Bible Series]

“Crecer” (grow up), tambien (as well),
“En estatura”, now the hell
Of hiding is completed, son,
There’s battles waiting to be won.

So what’s the estatura mean?
In human terms, it’s clearly seen
Grow up in “Stature” – physical
But not in sense of prideful will.

King Saul grew up above his peers
Stayed small inside, come batted fears;
Self-worth somehow a bashing took
So “estatura” was just looks.

Tall folk, whose estatura is
Much greater, often find their biz
With other folks gets all messed up
When others view them “Big” and “Gruff”.

Reverse is problem here as well
For “Hiding out” is done quite well
When we learn skills to fade away
While in plain sight we clearly stay.

It’s partly roles we do not take;
It’s partly ways we obfuscate
True status, gifts, and skills well known
Capacities beneath, well honed.

It’s also matter of one’s pride –
A key component – “Do not hide”;
Like it Jesus’ brothers, “Strut your stuff
You’ll see the world can’t get enough –

“Of rock-stars, ‘Jesus-superstar’
Great card to play – you can go far”;
“All Kingdoms of the world I’ll give”,
Said Satan, “If my ways you’ll live.”

Then too, we learn of Jesus’s way,
That “Down is up”, as Nee would say;
But now I hear another note –
Crecer (grow up) – new load you’ll tote.

Old Samuel tried – “Grow up, my man;
Become inside as tall – you can”
But Saul could not (like Judas too),
Old damage done, stopped spirit new.

The challenge here, I sense right now,
Is pride of place, and power – how
To “Walk while sitting down” each day?
“As Nee points out – ‘Let spirit sway –

“ ‘Each road we choose, each step we take;
Each thought we speak, each move we make;
For when we step out on our own,
Ineptitude is clearly shown,.

“ ‘For Christ in me empowers my life’
Paul said”; but I’d not seen that right –
For Paul did not to shadows step;
Quite forthright was; quite bold, and yet –

He also knew (persistent thorn)
Quite weak he was – the Spirit warned
Him, “Die to self inside, My man,
And let Me live – all things you can –

“Accomplish (to non-seeing eyes
Who can’t discern the Spirit’s rise
Within the one who’s died in Christ,
And thinks it’s ‘Paul’ who wins these fights)”

Lord, what I’m hearing, as I write –
“Don’t sweat it, Stu, crecer in light
For end has come to shadow-time;
Leave “Pride” to Me – abandon run.

“That spirit of timidity
Is gone – that’s what you clearly see –
Replaced with power from above –
Sound mind, expressed in Father’s love.

“So do not fear; crecer (grow up)
En estatura (stature) – rough
It is out there; don’t waste your strength
Now hiding self – stretch out; at length –

“In Me you’ll find the task assigned
Will need your all – soul, body, mind,
And spirit – so, crecer (grow up)
In all dimensions – that’s enough…”

Lord, Jacob’s struggle comes, as well,
To mind at this point – living hell
Once lifted, left a limp – he saw
Each moment, “Past” as something raw.

“But Stu, for you it different is –
The “Consciousness that Jesus’ biz
Is only thing that counts”, will bend
Your ‘pride of place and power’ to end.”

Thanks Lord for this.