Pavonearse (To Strut)” [Spanish series]

I heard a saying, Spanish one,
Which made me laugh ‘twas so much fun –
“Your testimony of the Christ
Is marred by pride, which isn’t nice” –

More picturesque it was, writ there –
“So proud that you sit on a chair
And still can strut” – now that takes skill,
And servitude to one’s own will.

Pav-on-ear-se – the Spanish word
For strutting – acted, often heard
In tone of voice, non-verbal cues –
To strut oneself, proclaim your views.

I see the Pope says, “Tone it down
This Christmas time around your town;
Try ‘Lowly’, ‘Poor’, – a better fit
For better life – don’t strut and sit.”

O Lord, You said, one cannot serve
Two masters – God and strut – you’ll swerve
To one or other – make your choice;
Know it will show in actions, voice.

We think that “Mammon” speaks of “cash”,
But Aramaic’s more than that –
Like Spanish word, Pa-von-ear-se
Bow down to pride and go your way.

So how y’ doing sitting down?
Are you like Hamlet’s “Strutting ’round
An hour on stage” in brief career?
Choose – words and actions make choice clear.

Thanks Lord for this.