“Spread The Heat” (Luke 17: 20-31) [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series] [Biblical Economics Series]

Nee pointed out the point Christ made –
“Four times when he conditions laid
Out for our guidance – if ensnared,
It’s better you now get prepared.”

Christ said if our relationships
Become our focus – balance shifts
From ultimate to local things;
“Ensnared” by people? – Kingdom brings –

“Relief because we’re ‘in’ not ‘of’
A world so precious, yet, because
It is created like the rest,
As ultimate, it’s second-best.”

Our work itself can us ensnare;
How many parents stumble there!
It also shifts us from the core
Of life, to always wanting more.

Our holding on to life itself
Can trap us – “Lest we rot on shelf”
We strive to “Look alive”; “Engage”;
Deny our Day-book’s closing page.

But in the Spanish Bible text
I love ensnarement coming next –
For “Things (belongings)” – love their word –
It’s “ensenar” where pun I heard –

When “ensenar” is “ensnarer”
Is Jesus’ point – things stick like tar
In story of “Tar Baby’s” plight,
When we hold our belongings tight.

When Mother Theresa came to speak,
She said quite quietly, “Best keep
Loose grip on things within this world;
Don’t let our fingers ’round them curl.”

So what, I ask, Lord Jesus? Where
Am I, in fact? The person snared?
“Look to your lowest gifts, My son –
That’s where your needs their highest run”.

Lord, that’s “Acceptance” by the folks
Around me – branching out like spokes;
And jumping in, to “Set folks straight” –
I “Learn” to “Teach” – so compensate –

For weakest link in gifting’s list –
Those two ensnare, when they’re admixed;
Lord, now I see it – “No, you don’t;
And that’s the point – I can; you won’t.

“So, Stuie, loosen up your grip;
Deal with the issue now – don’t sit
Around and think a sudden change
Will come at end – that’s just deranged!

You’ve had some knocks in worldly scene,
But parents helped you (where you’d been),
To know another way of life;
Through Scripture given, things turned out right.

“Get Bibles, in the hands of folk
Already-open, for those blokes
Need help in knowing what they read,
That in those hearts My planted seed –

Can there bear fruit a hundred fold,
Or sixty, thirty; be thus bold
To open up the Word to each,
Like Moses standing on that beach –

“ ‘Lift up your Rod’, I said to him,
‘Or else you all will have to swim’;
He did – made space for Me to act;
Do what I say – and you’ll do that.”

And how do I do that now, Sir?
“Oh, knock it off – for stew I’ll stir
Until the heat’s dispersed within –
Then anywhere you can begin.

“That’s what the tumult’s all about –
To spread the heat, so there’s no doubt
That ‘snared’, ‘ensnared’ in ‘ensenar
Is less a threat, there, where you are.”

Thanks Lord for this.