El Medio (The Middle) [Spanish Jerusalem Bible series] (John 8:1-12; Luke 6:37-38; Matthew 7: 1-6; Ezekiel 36:24-34)

They put her in “el medio” that day,
To trap You, Jesus – see what You would say;
“Light of the world” who “Lights our living way”,
You stooped and drew with finger in our clay.

We’re clay – was it Your middle finger there?
Our space, the half way point twixt hate and care;
Halfway like all of us, as pots of clay,
Paul noted – “Not all treasure” here today.

Today it’s “media” not “medio” –
We thus condemn, as “Right that people know”;
Self-righteousness confronted there that day,
Has certainly continued here today.

Lord, You said, “Do not judge”, “Do not condemn”;
Cut other folks a break, that they might mend;
We’d rather take the slivers from folks’ eyes,
Than log from ours – play “Gotcha!” and “Surprise!”.

Replace our stony hearts with hearts of flesh;
Help us grow up into righteousness;
When we step out of line, draw in our dirt
Some sign of caution – like, “You’re being a jerk”.

Thanks Lord for this.