“ ‘mis fuerzas’ – Restored In The Plural” [Spanish Jerusalem Bible series] (Psalm 23)

I like the plural for the “soul” –
mis fuerzas’ – or ‘my forces’ – role
In life? Enables me to move
On forward as my Lord approves.

We think of fuerzas as one thing,
The entity of which we sing
Our “Me, myself, and I” each day,
As we select some role to play.

But this word works like modern force,
With Army, Navy, Air resource;
With star-wars missiles up above,
We exercise our push and shove.

But soul has always had its parts,
Like intellect which God imparts,
And wishes we would use much more –
Not planning things which he abhors.

Emotion too, so battered, we
Need heaven’s balm to set us free;
As software goes, our spirit swells
Within our hearts – on us it dwells.

It’s in those verdant pastures green,
Still waters by, reparo’s seen –
We need repairs – Ah! Summertime!
Restored, stored up, and souls refined.

me guía (guides me) in that space
Between two mountains – in my case,
I call that “Echoland”, my home,
Twixt Cree and English culture zones.

He guides me? Yes! Indeed he does,
A stranger I to both, because
Third culture kids fit neither hill –
In valley floor – helps me be still –

And fear no evil, scary dark –
Bids me arise, once more in embark
On journey – goodness, love, with me,
Beyond these days, soon history.

Abundance – here on Kingdom-layer –
Pin of the pinwheel – quiet there
Amidst the whirling pinwheel’s spin;
With God my shepherd, life begins.

Thanks Lord for this.