“Another Clue” [Spanish Bible Series]

I got another clue today on how
To be Apostle in our village now –
It all relates to multi-language gifts –
“Fresh eyes on text can deeper meanings lift”.

Just like the Spanish text for me these days
It overwhelms my mind, sweeps me away
As I encounter multi-layered text
Concise translator’s commentary checks –

My blasé, ho-hum, plowing through the tome,
Familiar to my soul as is my home;
So rich this blessing I have gained this way,
I have to ration input gained each day.

So, “Apostolic” in our multi-scene?
Not just joint-sharing of where each has been,
But learning others language, to be hit
With insights born linguistically, which fit –

Into our separate needs – each culture has
Quite different questions ’neath the razzmatazz;
So now as richness flows across our souls,
The gospel’s multi-tongues can reach its goal.

Thanks Lord for this.