“This Day” [Spanish Series]

I waited for this day, O Lord, these years;
And, almost still I doubt – with all these tears,
For all the time it’s taken to arrive –
Mind boggling is – so glad to be alive.

I thank you for the steps of years gone by –
For cancer-scares survived, and one that lies
To me – though not without its present grace,
As I this wrap-up-decade now embrace.

I thank You for Quark features’ recent shift;
Supplier’s key conversion – now I’m kissed
By You with space to move ahead once more,
As I review the work we’ve done before.

This truly is exciting I must say –
To see paths open up – prepared the way
To move beyond the here and now to there,
As You pour out through me Your loving care.

Lord, as I head to “Spanish – leccion dos
Guide me in what needs moving, lest the cost
Of being in this land gets greater still
For friends who’ve come to Brandon in Your will.

Lord, You bring people here to fix their hearts,
And bodies; give to children fresh new starts;
Then blend them into life as healing team,
Or move them out to where they’ve never been.

I may not have tomorrow – have today –
As neighbor in Keewatin used to say;
So keep me from Stu-pidity, O Lord,
That others might enjoy Your spoken word.

Thanks Lord for this.