“The Shift To Person Two” [Spanish Series]

I had not seen built in that way,
The part that power-dynamics play
The minute one steps from his room
(Or hers – without a gun or broom).

For there’s some things I’d never say,
Or tolerate addressed that way –
There’s place in “parent-child” I guess,
But when mature they’re laid to rest.

“You need to go now”, is one case
Requiring circumstance of place,
To be good statement – e’en “I wish”
Is highly charged; it heads my list.

I sensed at once an “up-and-down”
Built into speakers, for I found
There’s power implied between two folks,
As status moves beyond a joke.

No wonder language overwhelms –
If we don’t ease into those realms
Of inter-person power-plays,
Embedded in what other says.

In English, I can play with that;
But Spanish? French? I’d be laid flat
With knuckle sandwich two blows in;
No way I’d such engagements win.

Lord, I’m not sure just how to feel
About such talk in which I’d deal
With others ’cross some cultured wall –
Your Babel-gift, just after fall.

Its way beyond some “shibboleth”,
Just as when we are heaven-kissed
With photos from some other group –
What potency from layer or loop!

Lord, I’m not sure just what to do
With all this power, which flows from You
Into our lives, community,
As life plays out dynamically.

“It’s okay, Stu, just ease ’er back,
And you’ll be shown the parts you lack;
Abide in Me and I in you;
You’ll do all right in space that’s new.”

Thanks Lord for this.