“A Place Prepared” [Spanish series] (John 14:1-14)

I dropped a line to “Synergy”
Depicting what it’s meant to me;
Not sure just who the players are,
So much is make-believe, by Gar.

Like “Thumbnail pictures” – “Gender shifts”,
Or “Age compliant”, lest they miss
An op to demographic snatch,
Thus losing out on windfall cash.

Or “resident technician” type;
Like “Editor” who gets things right;
Or “Mythic journey” – can’t we say
Just who we are – must we all play?

Time was when we were family,
Just doing life the way we pleased,
Inside some sub-community –
Portrayed today as if “they” see.

So what is our “reality”?
The way some other person sees?
Some later one – “revisionist”
Who on the past puts later twist?

Sometimes before I’ve looked around,
And asked of others’ views I’ve found,
If they held any more of truth,
As each for other held no use.

Now “Science” types say life’s a myth –
Don’t like construction? Wait a bit,
And it will shift, perhaps your way,
Then you can bask in what “they” say.

Lord, thanks for Kingdom-layer gift
To us, that we be done with this;
That in Your truth, love, being, care,
We find a place for us prepared.

Thanks Lord for this.