Sustancioso – Meaty, Juicy, and Substantial” [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series] (Isaiah 55:1-2)

“Cash for bread it?” The Prophet asked that day,
When all was said and done, things stowed away
From desert journey back from exile-land,
And local kin had come to understand.

“Cash for bread?” – I think not – that’s not bread;
Your paycheck’s wasted – down some path you’re led;
“Hey! Look to me – I know of better food;
Bend ears this way – forefathers under-stood.

“Take what is meaty, juicy, and sustains –
Don’t waste your cash, it’s God who here remains
The anchor of our covenantal love;
He holds it firm amidst our push and shove.”

Those many books of wisdom from the world,
Assist at times, though written from the whirl
Of spinning blades – el molinillo’s spin
’Till we at last find center-point – the pin.

So thirsty we; so hungry for the bread
“Come – come to Me” – to Jesus we are led;
He is the bread of life which satisfies;
Richness indeed – not worldly wisdom’s lies.

So spend your silver, paycheck’s tiny sum
On what sustains – life-giving when we come;
It’s not that cash the problem is for us,
But what we buy from land of whirling fuss.

Thanks Lord for this.