Elegido de Dios – Thy Kingdom Come” [Spanish Jerusalem Bible Series] (John 1:34)

As this segment finds its end,
And road ahead avoids that bend,
I hear John’s gospel loud and clear –
“Who sent you, son, on road that’s here?”

There’s John the Baptist – new his role,
“ID the one who makes folks whole;
For some will heed your voice, believe,
And follow Him – as you they leave.”

And so he did – saw Spirit-Dove
Alight on Jesus from above,
And there remain as Jesus prayed;
“My job’s now done”, he might have said.

Then Jesus – “Who elected you
To be our King?” Inquires the fool,
Who sees “the demos” as the pool
Of voters – as with modern tool.

“Well, God himself – that unity,
Appointed Jesus – now I see –
It’s “Elegido” – made for me –
Elected by our Deity.

So now He’s King of Kingdom-layer;
The One we serve; stay with through prayer;
As we-in-Jesus do His will;
He’s head of body – with us still.

Well, Lord, that starts this ruckus route
Ahead for all – for in this soup
Of mess we’re in, You’ll feed the mass
Of dear humanity – not trash –

Us for our wayword, blinded, walk;
Or over-optimistic talk;
But rather, be our Spirit-guide;
Enable us to here abide.

So Lord, I thank You for Your book,
So rich in insight – where we look
Within its pages, guidance gain –
Your Kingdom come – here – in Your name.

Thanks Lord for this.