Power Search

An experimental tool-set
    to facilitate learning
      and sharing of search-results.


Photography and the "Middle Voice"

The English Language has no "Middle Voice".
                     [An Ancient Greek grammatical construction]

This section of my site is my research workshop. This page sits on my browser as my "Home" page so I can get right down to my research work fast when I go onto the net. As I do much of my work directly on-line, this site is a bit of a work in progress.

I am a very curious person, unabashedly autodidactic (self-taught) in some areas of my life, under disciplined instruction in others. I find the wealth of information resources on the Net, and in the world's various libraries and databases a wonderful treasury of material. In the work of re-presenting /interpreting people's contexts and situations, the research helps me in the five approaches I use (singly or in combination):

The "Projects", referred to above, are tools and results of research, assembled and displayed for more efficient transfer to specific individuals (by URL's) usually for very specific purposes. As I tend to recycle such information, putting it on a web site makes it easy for me to refer others to the same information later if needed. You are certainly welcome to browse around if you find anything of interest, and contact me if you would like to ask about something that you see here.

However, owing to the "push-site" rather than "pull-site" purpose of this site, you may want to bookmark anything you might like to return to, because there are few "navigation" tools to locate it again. Thank you.

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