Swords (Back) Into Plowshares

Apostolic Ministry To Business And Finance

A Handbook Reflecting On Sun Tsu's Book Art Of War

Subset of poems written in reflection on Sun Tsu's book, The Art of War, which is often touted as being the epitome of guidance for people in the business world.
In The Bible there is reference both to beating plowshares into Swords [Which is what I believe Sun Stu did] and to beating swords (back) into plowshares [Which this book attempts to do].
This book is intended to be a practical handbook for those conducting Apostolic Ministry to the Business and Finance world today. It takes Sun Tsu's "ultimate business / project management book", designed for warfare, and beats it back into service of the Kingdom of God.
The term "Tsu" means "Lord" in English, so the ongoing pun for me is on the word Sun (the author's name) and Son (another term for Jesus), raising the question of our stance as His Body in the world, and the implications of being "Baptized Into His Name".

These poems will be posted sequentially with the other poems, and this index will identify items relating to this collection.

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