Win First – Fight Later (Sun Tzu 4:8b) (Jonah chapter 2; Genesis 12:1-3; Galatians 4:1-7; Psalm 138:7-8; John 19:28-30; Revelation 21:1-9)

A book I read gave words to heed in sales
“If you’ve no plan, stay in the car” – for tales
Of those who did not work that way, he said,
Are plentiful – in business now they’re dead.

A chess-game flick depicted some young boy,
Who played the game with skill and yet employed
A sense of common decency and fun;
One scene stood out – of tournament begun –

With surging hope, and rivalry most keen;
The hero-boy pulled back ’till win was seen
In fourteen moves ahead – so proffered draw;
His foe said no – defeat for him was raw.

Sun Tzu said that – sit tight until you see
The larger view – a way to victor be,
Comprised of weakness in the other team –
Then strike them hard in weakness you have seen.

And where to wait, as you perspective seek?
Defensive stance, where you are nowhere weak –
Invulnerable – don’t move until you see,
Then when you act, you act from victory.

We join the fray in cosmic battle thus
Part way along – much bigger it than us;
God made a plan – through Abraham a clan
Would bless the world – each culture in their lands.

Two thousand years He grew that family;
Then Jesus trained twelve to Apostles be,
To take that word – salt, light, and leaven, to
The other folks to share what those folks knew.

It’s never been a cakewalk in this war,
For evil one has ways which we deplore;
Though he has lost – like fourteen moves ahead –
He wages war, and will until he’s dead.

Until that time, we carry on the fight
In loving ways, and dark push back with light;
God’s got a plan, some part for each remains;
The victory’s ours – His love and grace sustains.