Where To Stand (Sun Tzu 9c) (John 15:1-8; Matthew 7:24-27; 16:13-20; Psalm 62:1-2)

Good warriors, commanders tough
Whose strategy delivered much
Exactly in their wary ways
Skilled fighters all their fighting days –

Selected where to stand and wait;
Position which was best to take;
Foundation to establish where
They could observe – they chose with care.

From where this soldier could not lose
He scanned for moment he could choose
To sweep down on the enemy –
Exploiting weakness he could see.

So too with us on Jesus’ team –
A firm foundation-rock He’s been,
Where we can’t lose if life’s in Him,
So enemy of Christ can’t win.

For every conflict is unique;
His ways in vain we try to seek;
He tells us what we need to know –
Like what to do and where to go.

But as a good commander, He
Is quiet ’bout His strategy,
And tactics for that matter, too,
As things evolve for me and you.

You cannot see the work that’s done
Behind the valor having won;
Success assured right from the start,
He asks us each to do our part.

Not parts as big triumphant ways,
But this and that’s with which He plays
Out larger schemes, of which we know
A little bit, as off we go.

For He’s determined win ahead,
And graces us with daily bread,
As we obey the Spirit’s hints
About our moves once we’re convinced –

It’s Christ who bids us move, or stay
Our hands in battle, once the fray
Is part of life – for dust and smoke
Obscure the scene of thrust and poke.

Once weakness in the enemy
(And folks who choose His way to be)
Is seen, a plan goes on the list –
No moment’s lost, or chance is missed –

To strike and make the most of it,
To master all as He sees fit;
The object of such push and shove?
His overwhelming gifts of love.