Controlling Superiority (Sun Tzu 4:10) (Luke 12:47-48; Mark 14:32-51)

Power’s heady, hard to keep in line;
When a win is seen is caution’s time;
There’s a sequence of events which flows
As we think ahead how we must go.

Many battles starting out as wins,
Find disaster once the fight begins;
Arrogance and pride swell up in us,
Blinds our eyes and deafens ears too much.

Measurement, of ground must first be made;
Battle lines on it must first be laid;
Space has implications which are fixed –
In such contexts forces soon will mix.

Estimates are based on measurement;
Appraisals show where forces will be sent;
Types of force within each context new,
Thus exploiting weakness now in view.

Calculations number up the men,
Once assessments you now comprehend,
Weighing out the men, and tools for each,
If the victor’s day is to be reached.

Comparison, deliberation, thought,
Follows numbers once you’ve numbers got;
Viewing scene from other’s point of view,
Asking if that shows up something new.

Chance of victory must then be viewed
From a distance, larger scene reviewed;
Where’s the table lie once shot is made?
As in snooker – then don’t be afraid.

Victory, when based on error made
By the foe, when all of this is laid
In the sequence, thus controlling power,
Checks our impulse – stop and think an hour.

Jesus spent his time before arrest
Thinking through with God what way was best;
Saw the weakness in the devil’s plans,
Evil one did not Christ understand.

On He went then to the victory;
Devil thought he would the victor be,
But a win or loss in worldly terms,
Is not ultimate the devil learned.