The Scales Of Victory (Sun Tzu 4:11) (John 19:16b-37; Matthew 21:1-11; Luke 24:13-35)

The object of this calculating time
Is balance – less of yours to more of mine;
A tiny grain is weighed against a ton –
The scales snap up, and fling the grain –you’ve won.

Comparison is made to massive dam
Above a gorge – released – so torrent ran
Into the space below when pent-up force
Crashed to the rocks below – full use of force.

Defeated forces scattered in a route,
Formation made at last permits no doubt
That form plus weight when found upon one point
Of weakness – will the victor’s head anoint.

When Jesus rode his donkey into town,
His enemies, surprised, took look around;
A pyramid of power came in that day
Disciples with disciples was the way.

His enemies retreated to the dark,
And sought to have him killed, and then embark
On days freed up from his annoying group,
But Jesus traveled by another route.

To him the way to up was to go down;
The way to heaven’s win was in the ground;
For victory to man who’s lost his way,
Was in the light of life – like dawn of day.

I had a darkroom once – it was quite black,
Except for all the tiny little cracks;
Try keeping out the light, quite hard it is –
And so with righteousness in world of biz.

Like overwhelming weight, or ruptured dam,
Salt, light, and leaven, from the Holy Land
Has swept away the darkness of the world,
The devil thought he’d won, but Christ unfurled –

His banner showing love across the sky
His life emerge for all – for he would die,
But rise again and pour the Spirit out
To all who longed for light, and life about.

The “Christos Victor” theme down through the years,
Has given life, and wiped away the tears,
As joy replaced the sadness of this life
Brought peace and joy and wholeness in the strife.